“Antonov” leaked to the Chinese. Russian engines are no longer needed


"Антонов" слили китайцам. Российские двигатели больше не нужны

The Ministry of economic development of Ukraine has published on its website officially approved by the government the list of companies that in the long term should remain in public ownership to be conceded, privatized, or liquidated.

About 1255 objects are to be eliminated. Among others is the concern “Antonov”, the shipyard in Chernomorsk, the Museum of marine fleet of Ukraine, the company “vugillya Ukraine” and “Odessa railroad”.

"Антонов" слили китайцам. Российские двигатели больше не нужны

It is also planned privatization of 893 enterprises. Among which the largest in terms of assets of the State food and grain Corporation (GPZKU), Oschadbank, PrivatBank, State export-import Bank of Ukraine (Ukreximbank), “Tsentrenergo”, “Agrarian Fund”, Ukrgasbank and “Turboatom”.
In addition, 359 companies are expected to give a concession. These include international airports Boryspil (Kyiv) and Lviv them. Daniel Galitsky, forest enterprises, regional service of highways.
In state ownership propose to leave the 378 companies among them – “Naftogaz of Ukraine”, “uz”, “Energoatom”, “energy”, Chernobyl NPP, “Ukrhydroenergo”.

Privatization, liquidation and concession. Than it threatens?
Let’s start with the fact that the liquidation of enterprises, which could be cost effective is stupid rare. Instead the joint development of “Antonov” (described below), for example, many workers will be on the street, buildings will be abandoned or turn into junk stalls. And another trade, once a matter of pride, will become history.

Privatization in Ukraine – it’s all over. If the elimination of at least does not suck money in favor of “big men”, the privatization of the means of production squeeze to drop all of the remaining juices, and then throw it in the trash. As practice shows, management in Ukraine does not exist as a category, therefore, privatization is just a step before liquidation.

Concession, oddly enough – the only right decision, at least from the point of view of security work. To sell the company to Europeans, and those already will make of them something decent – the only way. Only if Ukraine is sold for parts, why is Ukraine itself?

Chinese Ukrainians
The fate of most small and big businesses are known – they put a cross. The concern “Antonov” a different fate, he will continue to exist, but not in Ukraine and not Ukrainians.

In the County, Pucan (Weinan, Shaanxi province) on an area of 124 square kilometers, completed construction of a Modern open production area Loango, where they will live and work for two thousand employees of the Ukrainian KB Antonov with family members.

China skillfully implementing someone else’s design perfecting your technique. For example, in aircraft construction enterprise KAPK is working on AEW and tankers based on the Il-76. With the help of Ukrainian specialists, the air force, the PRC was able to complete the construction of three tankers from the Russian IL-76.

Now the priority project is the production of super heavy transport An-225 “Mriya”, which will allow the transfer of up to 1,500 troops of the PLA anywhere in China.
The second project is the formation of a production line of An-124-100. According to the plan Chinese strategists An-124-100 “Ruslan” will fill a vacant niche of heavy transport aircraft, and can seriously push the Russian Il-76, which are mainly supplied to the Chinese side after the repair.
Ukrainian An-70 will replace the Chinese “Yun-30”.

In addition to the above aircraft, Chinese experts plan in cooperation with Ukrainian partners to establish production of an-70, An-74, An-132 An-158, An-178, but in China.

A knife in the back. Ukrainian experience will enable China to abandon Russian developments
Soviet past, which is so hateful to Kiev is presented with a gift of fate for the Ukrainians. The concern “Antonov” is not just sold in China, Beijing is interested in cooperation with Ukrainian specialists to develop a number of important developments. While interested.

Several necessary for China’s development is not all. For the serial production of these types of aircraft requires a powerful and reliable aircraft engines (D-136, AI-136Т, TV3-117VMA-СБМ1В and MS-500V) with which specialists from China problems. To solve this problem, Chongqing Tianjiao Aviation Power Company in cooperation with the Ukrainian “Motor Sich” has registered in China a new venture (Chongqing Tianjiao Xiqi Aviation Power Conpany) with a share capital of four billion yuan.
It is likely that in the area of Chongqing is expected and production for staff of the Ukrainian KB “southern”, which already have proven their loyalty to Chinese rocket scientists from selling them the technical documentation and the samples of the RD-170, RD-120 and RD-9.

If things go on this way, China will almost entirely eliminate its dependence on Russian engines. Remember the saying about the dog in the manger? Turns out it was about Ukraine.


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