Antonio Banderas has told how suffered a heart attack


A turning point in the life of an actor.

Heart attack was a turning point in the life of Antonio Banderas, reports the with reference to

Artist, August 10 will mark the 59th anniversary, admitted that such cases psychologically change a person and motivate to get in impeccable condition, “do You want to do more. You say, “I can do a good job!” And so I decided that I will do more interesting movies.”

“Next year I turn 60, and I realized that there comes a time in life when there is a place only for the truth. My life has never been perfect. I’ve been through it with your shit,” said the actor and added that famous people need to keep in touch with reality and not to consider themselves too special.

30 January 2017 it became known about the hospitalization of Banderas. Then the actor said that because of the pain in my heart was urgently taken to a hospital in Surrey, UK. His health deteriorated after the filming of the movie “the 33”. The tape is based on real events and tells about the Chilean miners, who because of the collapse in 69 days trapped underground. “We were filming in the mine, in which stood out the methane. It left a metallic taste in your mouth for a few days,” explained the actor.


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