Antonio Banderas has changed beyond recognition


The actor will play Picasso.

Famous Hollywood actor Antonio Banderas will play the Spanish artist, sculptor and founder of the cubism of Pablo Picasso in the second season of “Genius”.

“He, like Picasso, has his approach to life without the restrictions and rules that will add the authenticity of the character. The Banderas huge acting range, thanks to which he will be able to transform into the image of the artist. Besides Antonio, like Picasso, a native of the Spanish city of Malaga,” said the film’s Director Ron Howard.

The series tells interesting personal details from the life of the artist in the period of its formation, the creative search of themselves and their artistic style.

The premiere is scheduled for April 24.

On the eve of Banderas appeared at a social event with shaven eyebrows, he probably resorted to such a step in order to better transform into a Picasso.


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