Anton Sibil about the impact of ambient music on the programming process


Everyone has long known about the impact of music on the workflow. Using music in the background while working significantly improves performance. Anton Sibil will talk about the influence of ambient on the process of writing code.

How does music affect a person during a workflow?

Music helps to focus on the task at hand, affects the perception of time and creates the right attitude. Music causes brain activity, helps relieve stress, or creates a favorable atmosphere in the workplace.

Today Anton Sibil will talk about the influence of such a style of music as ambient. Ambient is a style of music based on modulation of the sound timbre. This style of music is intended for immersion in a certain atmosphere, a harmonious stream of thoughts. Ambient is good in that it can absorb into its own world of thought and focus, but it can also be background music to create a harmonious atmosphere around. Most often, there are no words in the ambien, which does not distract the listener from the task. Agree, we are often distracted from the workflow when we hear music with words: we sing along with familiar words, lose concentration and spend a lot of time returning to our previous state.

Anton Sibil about the effect of ambient on the brain process

Anton Sibil about the process of programming accompanied by ambient

Programming requires high concentration, but without a high level of tension. The oversharing of thoughts should be smooth and the process of creation should be conscious and calm. Writing the code is not easy, sometimes it can be very nervous. In that situation, ambient music will help to achieve balance and inner peace.

Ambient includes many different styles. These can be dark motifs, cheerful rhythms or calm melodies. From the Dark ambient you can immerse yourself in a gloomy atmosphere that will not only deprive you of vigor and combat attitude but also affect you in a negative way. Therefore, in this case, a calm melody is needed, which acts as meditation for the mind.

If you want richer music, you should try ambient techno. And if you are used to more energetic and dance music, then the ambient house style is just for you.

Anton Sibil on the need for the correct working atmosphere

Anton Sibil about the modern world and the need for the right music

The impact of music on our mood has long been known. Music is with us constantly, we choose it according to the current mood, perceive the melody individually and create our own atmosphere.

In the modern world, you have to be constantly in motion, develop intellectually and spiritually, compete with other people and at the same time not just exist but live. The task is not easy, agree. With such a frenzied rhythm of life you can find an oasis of calm and inspiration in music. According to the subjective attitude of Anton Sibil – music is our salvation.

Anton Sibil about salvation in music

Creating a working mood is simply necessary, especially in the process of such difficult tasks as programming. Anton Sibil is sure that in our time it is simply necessary. We work hard, worry and burn under the burden of responsibility. That is why you need to create a suitable atmosphere for yourself. Ambient does a great job.


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