Anton Orekh: Sargsyan — Putin is not


Антон Орехъ: Саргсян — не Путин

Serzh Sargsyan is a good man and at the meeting I would shake his hand. Because he had a choice. He could leave, and could use force. Power deprives leaders of reason. Clinging to the power they are capable of the most crazy things. Sargsyan has not crossed the line. So good in him than bad. Although bad, should be enough. Otherwise 160 thousand people came out to the streets in a country where the entire population of 3 million. We would not have cared Armenia, but far too many Parallels with Russia have accumulated. There’s also live former Soviet people. At the same time Armenia is actually one of the few allies of Russia. In Russia more than anything the government is afraid of street protests. And does everything that people could not rally, and if we rally to bury the protesters more reliable. We’ve got all sorts of action outlined recently on the occasion of Putin’s term. How many will be people unhappy that they will live all my life under one President, as with the king? In Moscow people more than in Armenia five times exactly. Here will be 160 thousand unhappy? Yes 160 thousand even in 2011-2012 was not! And then it seemed that well is an incredible discontent among the people is ripe. In Moscow on the eve out of several hundred Moscow-Armenians – they supported fellow protesters at home.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if the may protests against Putin, the participants will be not much more than these Moscow Armenians. Now I’m curious about how the events in Armenia will say the TV room. Because the TV room says only what superiors say. How to explain to our people that in a friendly country suddenly began speaking against the legitimate authority and legitimate power is gone? But most importantly, after six years, we may repeat Armenian scenario of transfer of power. It is clear that Putin anywhere to leave does not want. Vulgar is a way to keep him in power, simply by rewriting the Constitution. And there are dirty but legal way to make him Prime Minister. You can come up with something in the interim, turning Russia into a parliamentary Republic, to de facto head of state was Prime Minister – that is, again, Putin. Six years will fly by – before you know it. And looking at Armenia, strategists and developers in the Kremlin can not estimate how many people will come out to us when here, want to make a castling? Now it seems that we can do any stunts – all will endure, with all humble and say thank you.


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