Anton Orekh: he was alive!


Антон Орехъ: оказался он живой!

And if you think about all this, of course, in his style! Radical journalism, radical performance. Actually, a friend of Arkady, for such jokes, of course… But now Babchenko has a rare opportunity in life to read about all that is usually said at a funeral. Now Babchenko can write a script and make a movie then that such stories are one in a million. Now he has to live for a very long time. But must also take a closer look, entering the porch! Now Arkady Babchenko definitely closed the road home.

Now Arkady would not receive money from Matvienko, that does not negate the fact that Valentina only, perhaps, of all authorities, who acted sincerely and humanly. Now we will hear and see the incredible dermisa flows from teleecare about provocateurs, the liberals, the manufacturers of fakes in Kiev, and the like. Now, we will read texts Babchenko and to think that he could not write. And now we become sad. Because we imagine that exactly the same could to stay alive Politkovskaya and Boris Nemtsov, Shchekochikhin and Cold weather – and dozens of other journalists and activists, who not only wanted, but were able to kill. And we will also imagine what would be said and what would have written today if it were not death, and skillful staging.

But in real life Russia and Ukraine this story will only remain bright, even the brightest, but the episode. But to change it nothing can. Even if it is absolutely, irrefutably demonstrated that Babchenko was going to eliminate the Russian special services – and who will be able to change? The guys here at Boeing evidence long the roof! Our reputation nowhere to put the spot, because no reputation anymore. So now one thing is important: Babchenko alive! His Olga – again wife, not a widow. His six children again with his father and they are not orphans.


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