Anton Orekh: Change our hearts do not require


Антон Орехъ: Перемен наши сердца не требуют

Kirill Serebrennikov was in an uncomfortable position. I mean not that chermoshnoe mess with the case, “the Seventh Studio”, and in the creative sense. Attitude, as a person, attitude, as a victim of injustice involuntarily transferred in relation to his work. He is a brilliant artist and he has his own, contrasting view of the world. His work certainly will not leave you indifferent. But we are now going to blame government, if we objectively do not like something at least even in “Summer”? It’s very important that the opinion of Boris Grebenshchikov and BG, among other things, called this picture about Victor tsoe “false from beginning to end.” And how to be? BG doesn’t want to sue – but just because now Serebrennikov litigation for the eyes, and without enough of Boris Borisovich.

Our movies at the Cannes film festival are, to put it mildly, not often. And now suddenly got and not someone else’s movie, namely Kirill Serebrennikov. And got this movie just because it really removed or just because the Director needed moral support and solidarity? And if he gets any award, it will award the artist award or the prisoner? Serebrennikov and whether the reward received only as a sign of solidarity? The Russian reaction to the inclusion of film in the Cannes program will be predictable and understandable: the West is looking for any ways to mess with us.

Even in Syria, even with chemical weapons, even with the doping, though with the football championship, and though even in the movie. In this sense, I’m not sure that international attention and solidarity will facilitate the position of Director. As if the opposite did not. Everything outside believe are good and worthy of support, we automatically become soulless, and worthy of the casemate. Anyway, the fate of Kirill Serebrennikov will be solved now, apparently, Putin. Putin is not only the President but also the main fan, the main theater, the main kinolab. In music he knows. Now if he was a fan of Choi! Choi from St. Petersburg, and Putin is from St. Petersburg. But Choi is not music to Putin. Changes require OUR hearts, and the heart of Vladimir Putin is beating smoothly, and there is no “pulsation of the veins,” he observed. Music Putin is played with one finger the anthem of the KGB “From where the Motherland begins”. That’s about it, movies need! Cannes is a movie, of course, will not send, but for him, and “Golden eagle” will do just fine.


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