Another Russian lie was genuinely surprised by trump


Очередная российская ложь искренне удивила Трампа The US President commented on the statement of Russia about the downed missiles.

The President of the United States Donald trump frankly surprised at the statements of the Russian side that the missile defense forces deployed in Syria, was hit by dozens of missiles fired by the United States, Britain and France on the objects with chemical weapons Assad.
The head of the White house spoke on Monday, during his stay in Miami.

“As you know, was (released – ed.) more than 100 rockets, they (Assad’s forces and his allies, ed.), not hit by any,” said the American President.

In this regard, he said: “the Weapons, their weapons, didn’t work well.”

The President of the United States also thanked the task of the us military.

“Not good he did our generals? Not good work has been done by our troops?” said trump to loud applause in the hall.

The White house has mentioned about the missile strike after a series of statements from the Russian side. In particular, the official representative of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation General Konashenkov said on Monday that managed to shoot down more than 70 rockets launched the United States, Britain and France. The Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov on the same day noted that managed to shoot down “two-thirds” of all of the issued missiles.

As reported by UKRINFORM, on Monday, the US European command (EUCOM) has published official statistics on the number of missiles used during the strike. In all there were 105 weapons against the three objectives. In particular, from the region of the red sea – 30 Tomahawk missiles launched cruiser Monterey (USA), 7 – destroyer Laboon (United States); from the Persian Gulf, 23 Tomahawk missiles were launched by the destroyer Higgins (USA); Mediterranean: six missiles from the submarine John Warner (USA), three missiles from the French frigate Languedoc.

Air was launched 19 missiles from two US air force bombers B-1B Lancer. The British Royal air force (the Tornado and Typhoon fighters) launched eight missiles, fighter jets of the French air force Rafales and Mirages – nine rockets.

“None of the missiles used in this mission was not successfully struck the Syrian air defense, and there is no indication that were involved in the Russian air defense system,” – said the European command of the United States.


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