Another lake of Putin – Marjalahti, Ladoga


Еще одно озеро Путина - Марьялахти, Ладога

The existence of the secret residence of not only locals, but visiting fishermen know.

In 2011, historian and journalist Mikhail Solomatin has posted in his blog a story about how the Manager of the firm, “Econet”, built in skerries, Marjalahti in the Ladoga lake, the cottage, came some people, accompanied by the Prosecutor and “explained that near here is planned construction of recreation… and land should be given, and the refusal is not accepted”.

Alexey (name changed), a longtime fan of fishing, visited once in a while at the camp, and recalls how at the entrance to her he met a jeep accompanied by guards:

— We politely asked for the documents and made a short polite questioning: where are we going and what is the purpose of the trip. Hearing on the basis of “Marjalahti”, the guard grinned and said that the camp site is sold to a new owner, the old left a couple of houses, but there was no one staying there. Is the litigation — electricity and cut.

However, in fact the camp site at the expense of the generator was still living his last days, and Alex was the last one there was the fishing:

— When we were already in the Gulf, Marjalahti, because of the pine trees at low altitude popped up “spinner”, it passed over us and disappeared into the side of the building, which a local fisherman called “residence” (pictured above). After a moment, in the narrow mouth of the Bay dropped by two powerful white boat with a flag and docked at the residence.

So the old cottage in skerries, Marjalahti, on the contrary, the anchor appeared, moving away from the lake shore. But the current Manager of the “eco-network” Olga Alekseeva has assured that her firm has not been crushed.

— So, — says, — you yourself have decided voluntarily to move from another place? Why?

— Yes, that’s wanted and moved.

One of the locals explained that the issue really was resolved amicably — that is, apparently, for money. And probably quite good. After some time the owner of the “Econetwork” Ivan Macura even among the founders of law enforcement officers and support presidential programs.

“The synthesis” close

According to the documents, the new owner of the Bay was a family friend of Vladimir Putin and principal owner of Bank “Russia” Yuri Kovalchuk, but in the transaction were able to participate and others close to the President.

In March 2010, the then head of the Republic of Karelia Sergey Katanandov was justified in front of the local deputies for the situation in the Ladoga skerries:

— The Bank bought the land, the district will pay 100 million rubles, which is the only example where really attached to our land for good money.

That’s only actually land in the Bay of Marjalahti the state has acquired is not the Bank itself, but a certain firm “Synthesis” with a share capital of 10 thousand rubles, created just before the purchase and was in St. Petersburg at the same address with several companies associated with Yurii Kovalchuk. While “Synthesis” was a common phone with the same of “Acceptance” among the owners of which is Mikhail Shelomov (the name and the son of a cousin of Vladimir Putin).

Only six months later, “Synthesis” rewrote their land in the Poconos to firm “Prime” controlled by the banker Kovalchuk and his son Boris, putting over the reporting period, net profit of 107 million rubles.

However, part of the land in the Gulf moved first, Mikhail Dedov, the countryman and contemporary of Putin’s, at one time he was trained in educational institutions of the KGB. In the early 90’s Grandfathers taxiing Petersburg SP (this sector of the economy in St. Petersburg was supervised by the current President), and then headed the regional environmental Committee. At the office he is so well protected not only nature but also the dacha cooperative “Lake” blocking the other gardeners access to water that eventually became top Manager of the Bank “Russia”.

However, from grandparents Ladoga land still went to the same Kovalchuk — though not directly, but through other firms-“strip” (“Chance”, “Nautilus”, “Odyssey”), connected by common address, the names and proximity to the President. For example, the owner of “Nautilus” Anastasia Golovchanskaya the head of the Association “the Development of agricultural initiatives” Gennady Timchenko (known for his friendship with Putin) and Vladimir Kolbina (judging from the patronymic last, we can talk about the son of Peter Kolbin, who late last year lost his 600-meter penthouse on the Arbat grandmother of Alina Kabaeva).

But in the end, all of these surrounding rocks of the Ladoga skerries, and a small lake, and private artsy cottage on 550 meters and the barn with the calf, and the trout farm — all still technically turned out to be a Kovalchuk. And as Yuri Kovalchuk, Putin’s friend, in a sense — and at the disposal of Putin. Who the President will deny hospitality.

The friendship rolled into the concrete

It seemed like a great thing if the President during the holidays will decide to stay at the cottage, decorated this “Prime”. Well this is such a relief for the budget, when the presidential vacation from the Treasury without spending a dime. Here only, as found hospitality Kovalchuk, on the contrary, is well worth it.

In No. 10 in 2015 we have already mentioned that the same “Prime” by some miracle (we can only assume the name of this miracle) was the owner of half the state residence “Dinner” in Valdai. And now the Manager of the President to stay Putin is forced to rent his friend’s Ilya Kovalchuk’s located there building.

The price issue is a state secret. And I understand why. The only state contract, the contents of which were at the disposal of edition, applies only to the local helipad, which is on five years of “Prime” leased military part number 66631 FSO. Over 76 acres partially concreted land, the state is paying Kovalchuk 664 thousand rubles. Every month.

Despite the fact that all the costs of the site and maintenance of the FSO takes over. Despite the fact that a few hundred meters from the SSF has its own helipad. Despite the fact that roll in concrete another it is possible only for yearly payment of Kovalchuk, but not for under a five-year contract 38.6 million

And this is only a small piece of concrete. It is sad to imagine how much the government pays (and paying) for a nearby Golf course (approximately acres), residence (3204 m2) guest house (1096 m2), an indoor ice rink (2485 m2), pier, sauna with plunge pool, a restaurant with beer garden and even a Church that Kovalchuk is also provided to the services of the President.

The state contracts for rental Karelian residence “Prime” in the public domain. But if Kovalchuk invited to Ladoga his friend Vladimir Putin on the same terms, and to Valdai, it is easy to guess that soon they will not.

The Gulf of Marjalahti (or Berry Bay), the depth of which is the residence, is a classic Ladoga skerries, which is like a small fjord. Even to those who haven’t, well familiar with these locations — it was shot here “…the dawns here are quiet”. The quiet here is not only Zori: hills and rocks, covered with pines, close the Bay from stormy winds and inconvenient access and security from prying eyes. In the forest — mushrooms and berries (strawberries, blueberries, blueberries, cranberries), in the lake — more than fifty different species of fish (salmon, trout, pike, vendace), a few km — Valaam monastery… where There is sin, and repent.


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