Another failure false Western clowns: WADA “merged” with shame


Очередной провал лживых западных клоунов: WADA "слилась" с позором

As expected, last year’s massive accusations of Russian masters of WADA, is based on “evidence” defector Rodchenkova come to his law of shameful failure.

So something happened that had to happen. World anti-doping Agency (WADA) due to insufficient evidence and stopped the investigation against 95 the Russians, mentioned in last year’s report by Richard McLaren. This was reported today by The New York Times. That is, 95 Russian athletes, including suspended last year from the Olympics, was charged with WADA, on the basis of the report of McLaren, without the necessary, even if minimal, evidence.

Let me remind you. In last year’s report on doping in Russian sport “independent” expert WADA Richard McLaren claimed that the samples of Russians from the Olympic games 2014 in Sochi contain traces of outside autopsies, and a total of frauds-doping, including the substitution of samples, doing more in thousands of Russian sportsmen in the period from 2012 to 2015. And now the result of the 96 cases against Russian athletes, WADA 95 was closed due to lack of evidence.

And now it’s amazing. It turns out that WADA can’t find a single witness who could confirm the adoption of the report of Richard McLaren on the use of the 95th Russian athletes doping, – the fugitive former head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory of Gregory Rodchenkov. Lost Rodchenkov in the United States under the witness protection program. “Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov, who could confirm the data of the independent Commission of McLaren, is unavailable to testify because of the circumstances that do not depend on the VAD or control of an independent Commission”, – reported in the document of WADA.

It turns out that without oral testimony Rodchenkova fugitive felon, fugitive from justice, all the so-called “report McLaren”, under which discharged Russian Olympians, turned into a puff, in the empty, unsubstantiated accusation. And no other evidence from WADA is not available.

And another interesting fact that Grigory Rodchenkov (the only “witness”) in Russia, as head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, he was the head of a criminal group for the implementation of doping athletes. Oh, and one more – is suffering from a mental disorder. Here are excerpts from the materials of the criminal case No. 672536 initiated in 2010:

“The whole complex of operative-investigative activities conducted by the Federal service for drug control in Moscow, was directed against the head of the Federal state unitary enterprise “the Russian anti-doping center” Gregory Rodchenkov. The investigators, then the investigator UFSKN Badanova O. V., in which production from February 2011 was criminal case No. 672536, built the hypothesis that there is an organized group on the trade in illicit drugs (doping), which is Rodchenkov. His right hand investigators believed the triple world champion on the run Marina Rodchenkova – a sister of the head of the “anti-Doping center”. Monitoring of the athlete revealed that she was doing all the “technical” work on the sale of illegal drugs, and the brother directed her actions. He also ensured that the athletes who bought dope from their family will be “clean” sample. These samples were tested headed by Rodchenkova center”.

“As a result of test purchases Rodchenkova M. M. being in the apartment at the place of his residence, gave her husband Romanov M. N., unaware of its criminal intent, a potent substance with a mass of five grams, for onward transmission to Konovalov. In February 2011 the Novels, not knowing about the criminal intent of Rodchenkova M. M., acting at her request, moved the package with the specified substance to the subway station where transferred Konovalov, was detained. Operatives in the examination apartment Rodchenkova was also discovered and seized testosterone-propionate weighing 10 grams and potent substance – Oxandrolone weight 32.4 grams, methandienone weighing 10 grams, which, “as explained Rodchenkova, it is intended in the future to sell”.

In February 2011 the house of Gregory Rodchenkov were searched. In April 2011, the Chapter “anti-Doping center” in the framework of case No. 672536 was charged under part three of article 234 of the criminal code of Russian Federation “Illegal circulation of strong or poisonous substances for the purpose of sale by an organized group on a large scale”. In may 2011, a search was conducted at the state where the seized “documents containing state or other protected by the Federal law secret”. In late may – early June 2011 was the arrest of the account of Gregory Rodchenkov, including the Bank “VTB 24”. In September 2011 Rodchenkov was charged with one episode of part three of article 234 of the criminal code.

He Rodchenkov told investigators about his insanity. From April 2011 to may 2012 he was several times placed in the hospital “for the production of judicial-psychiatric examination.” Rodchenkov March 2011 was hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital in Moscow after a suicide attempt. In 2011, he underwent several examinations. Later, the court submitted the petition, according to which the Commission found that Rodchenkova a schizotypal personality disorder, exacerbated by stress.

27 Dec 2012 the Kuntsevsky court of Moscow has recognized Radchenkov Marina M. guilty of the crime provided by part three of article 234 of the criminal code. She was sentenced to imprisonment for one year and six months with punishment serving in a corrective colony of General regime. He Rodchenkov later departed safely abroad.”

And now the result. Yesterday as it turned out, ALL the evidence base “report McLaren” against 95 Russian athletes was based on the oral testimony of the fugitive leader of a criminal group that sold dope, Gregory Rodchenkov, besides suffering from a mental disorder. That is, a criminal and a psycho. How do you this the only witness?

PS. Russian riders tracks Kirill Sveshnikov, Dmitry Strahov Dmitry Sokolov mentioned in the report of Mr. McLaren, and is therefore not allowed to start in the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro, recently filed lawsuits WADA and Professor McLaren to the Supreme court of Ontario. At seven million dollars. Soon sue and the rest of Russian athletes. But who will refund not received an Olympic medal? Maybe WADA and Professor McLaren? Or crook and schizophrenic Rodchenkov? Alas…


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