Another asteroid is heading towards Earth


Очередной астероид движется по направлению к ЗемлеThe asteroid will approach our planet on March 22.

We have become gradually used to the fact that asteroids do represent a real danger for the Earth and life on it. It is only this year have eight times the space debris with a diameter of from two to twenty-five meters flew past our planet at a distance closer than the moon’s orbit. And this despite the fact that almost all of these celestial bodies are found, as they say, already on the way to the Ground, sometimes in just a few days before reaching the point where the asteroid and our planet closer together.

And now we were flying the next and the biggest this year a traveler, too, will pass near the Earth closer than the Moon. 22 March 2019 newly discovered asteroid, designated EA9, will sweep near the Ground on removal 0.80 distance to the moon / 0,00204 astronomical units (179 of 305 km / 189 629 miles). It should be noted that this is one of the few asteroids that were discovered by search engines even before his critical approach to our planet.

This object was first seen astronomical survey Observatory, mount Lemmon March 9, 2019. He belongs to the group of asteroids categories of Atanov and has an estimated diameter of 17 to 37 m (55,7 – 121,3 ft).

Astronomers estimate that the asteroid will fly past us at the speed of 5.37 km / s (relative to Earth) at 01:58 UTC on March 22. He will become the ninth asteroid discovered since the beginning of the year, flying at a distance less than 1 distance to the moon. These data were obtained on March 11.


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