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Sometimes the carelessness of people ends curious situation.

Since pre-revolutionary times to the present day for an unfortunate typo in the press sometimes paid career, and even life, according to the with reference on the BigPicture.

We have collected the most famous misprints that showcase how one missed letter can be fatal, and publications that are in error become collectible rarities.

“The Bible adulterers”

The most egregious typo is found in the English editions of the Bible, 1631. In the text was admitted gross error in one of the ten commandments was missing the word “not” and the combination “do not commit adultery” was printed as “commit adultery”.

A typo was spotted a year later. Then almost all copies have been removed and destroyed, but a few copies survived. By order of Charles I, the publishers of the Bible have been summoned to court and found guilty. They were fined £ 300 (more than 40 thousand pounds at current prices) and deprived of their printing license.

As the Empress in Finland rested

Very inconvenient when on the pages of the official press hits offensive, especially in the header, especially on the crowned faces… So in 1910, in the newspaper “Kievskaya Mysl” on the first page and wanted to print the headline: “Stay the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna in Finland”, but instead “R” in the first word was “about”. So there was a scandal which the editor put on trial.

The coronation in Odessa

Informing citizens about the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the reign of the Romanov dynasty, the newspaper “Odessa Gazette” of January 13, 1913, published this message: “at Yesterday’s performance of the national Anthem in the Moscow Kremlin on the Heads of Their Imperial Majesties was given a Raven”.

Of course, the typo was spotted, and the next day the press published in the newspaper due apologies with clarification: “Dear citizens of Odessa. In the latest issue of our newspaper, alas, allowed (among others) a very unfortunate typo: instead of “crow” should read: “cow””.

Death for the letter

The issue of the newspaper “Pravda Vostoka” from October 25, 1944 was for revision fatal: the entire staff of the newspaper shot. The reason was only one missed letter in the word “commander”. The limited release was hastily withdrawn from sale, and apartments of the subscribers were security officers, submitting searches and confiscating the found newspaper. The copy in the photo is one of the six survivors, which are now cherished by collectors.

Although as soon as Joseph Stalin was called, and Selinum, and Stadium, and Salinum. Needless to say that for typesetters, proofreaders and editors such “anti-Soviet” typos instantly became the last in the career and sometimes life.

“Truth” is never wrong!

And sometimes in the Stalin era reporters of their missteps forgiven. It happened with the newspaper “Pravda”, which is called miner Stakhanov drummer in his report Alexey, although his real name was Andrew.

Censors noticed the error after the Newspapers and reported it to Stalin. The journalist could have been hurt, but the leader lit up, categorically said: “the Newspaper “Pravda” never wrong!” After these words, Stakhanov was instantly replaced with all the documents, making him Alex.

The sales woman… or farm!

The concept of “typo” was included in the prestigious French encyclopedia “Larousse”, which in the example resulted in the announcement of the end of XIX century, which caused great scandal in France. The text was: “for Sale or for rent: a beautiful woman; with proper treatment very productive”. The fault corrector instead of the word ferme printed femmе — “woman”, and the guardians of morality came in Holy horror from such shamelessness.

Biology for the little ones

The Leningrad newspaper “Smena” published in the 1970s, the years photographs of animals with words about “little long-eared animals”. A typo happened in the word “long-eared”: the letters “u” and “x” are reversed. Editor as follows ogreb on the party line.

Recipe macaroni racist for 20 thousand

In 2010, the Australian branch of the publisher Penguin inadvertently corrector was at the center of a major scandal. And all because in a cookbook, The Pasta Bible by mistake published a racist recipe pasta: it is recommended to add a dish “freshly ground black people” (“freshly ground black people”), although, of course, it was about “svejesmolotym black pepper” (“freshly ground black pepper”). Because of such oversights, the publisher got 20 thousand dollars: 7000 copies of a cookbook with the error had to be destroyed.

Here is an excerpt: lasted 100 thousand miles!

In the Saratov and Nizhny Novgorod regions and in Siberia there is an old journalistic legend. Its roots are untraceable, but the story is amusing. Newspaper regional scale published another essay about the driver-leader. The hero of the story passed without accidents and breakdowns 100 thousand kilometers. Essay entitled catchy: “100 thousand kilometers — not perdel”.

Obort in orbit

According to another journalistic bike, in 1963, lost his job, the editor of the newspaper “Nizhegorodskiy Rabochiy”, reported that “Valentina Tereshkova 17 obort around the Earth!”.

Similar stories tell of the Altai journalists, only the number of “motor” they mean quite another (right): landed de Tereshkova, near the village of Khabary, and then habarka local newspaper carried the front page headline: “48 obort Valentina Tereshkova!”.


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