Anniversary 08.08.08: Georgia today, Ukraine tomorrow.


Годовщина 08.08.08: Грузия сегодня — это Украина завтра.

On the TV broadcasts I sometimes say that the Kremlin is especially silly is behaving in Ukraine. Supposedly he had a fight of the Ukrainian people, now that Russia and Ukraine share the rivers of blood, and that the next generation of Ukrainians will hate Russians and wish to avenge the stolen Muscovites in the Crimea.

Годовщина 08.08.08: Грузия сегодня — это Украина завтра.

And then added that neighbors should be friends and then every neighbor’s going to love you, to respect, to call on holidays and even, perhaps, stop shitting under the door. And when I hear these arguments, especially from ardent Russian liberals, who are often indistinguishable from the most ardent Ukrainian patriots, I can’t help but notice how good and professional these people bring down the blame on others.

It turns out that once again Russia is to blame and again that we somehow have to justify myself to others. And I am far from thinking that the largest country in the world you can withdraw into yourself and sullenly silent, no. Partners and even, in some cases, opponents to state their position. But to justify to the Ukrainian patriots for what we allegedly ruined a relationship with them, clearly not worth it.

And I think that sometimes neighbouring countries should be hit. Sometimes neighbors need to be beaten in the face, when it is necessary to protect national interests and do not care that someone out there is on something there will be offended. Today is a great day to have this conversation, because today we celebrate the day when Russia remembered how good and how healthful for international relations can be present, tight and correctly applied violence. The lessons and results of this demonstration whipping of Saakashvili’s regime it would be good to remember, not only to us but to our neighbors around the globe.

Remember how we were threatened with international isolation after what the Russian army did in Georgia? What? True? No, not true, and we after the Crimean episode good feel.

Do you remember how we were scared that the Russian army will fall apart when confronted with the Georgian army that was trained and armed by NATO standards? The Russian army is a good one. By the way, our Ukrainian neighbors on the globe, it is useful to remember that their mercenaries fought against Russia in Chechnya and Georgia, so it is strange to say that this is ruined Russia good neighborly relations. In accordance with the prophecy of the hero of the film “Brother — 2” — for Sevastopol the Ukrainian state we have already answered, but the debt for Tskhinvali and Chechnya is not yet closed, but as you know Russians always come for their debts.

And remember, any trips arranged our liberal society under the slogan “I am Georgian” Georgian flags? It is in this sense nothing has changed, and the Bulk of action under the Ukrainian flag is the best proof. I even think it’s good. If we assume that the entire top of the Russian opposition is controlled or manipulated by the Russian intelligence services, it is difficult to imagine a more effective method of discrediting the very non-systemic opposition. If they come up with and think is cool — we were lucky with the enemies idiots, which must be carefully preserved and protected, and that, as Putin says, one never knows, and someone smart send on our head.

And remember, we were told that Georgia defeated corruption and 10 years after the conflict in South Ossetia the Russians will stand in line for a Georgian visa there to work, relax or just to see a real democratic country, which develops according to European standards, not that of Northern Mordor. Well? Where are these predictors? Corruption won in Georgia? But Saakashvili is still the best President or is it an escaped criminal looking for at home to plant? These same predictors Georgian economic miracle in 2014 he moved to Ukraine and told us they will live after evroassotsiatsii. So great live, that millions of Ukrainians looking for a job in Russia and make it obviously not from good life.

And the fate of Saakashvili is just a perfect example of what will happen to the current Ukrainian politicians. But it is unclear where they already run. Well, nothing, in the not too distant future find out.

And even though the coercion of Georgia to peace, I recall the trenchant phrase thrown then someone from the Russian or the spin doctors, or journalists: 5 days of war did to clean brains Georgian politicians more than 10 years of Russian propaganda and billions of rubles Russian economic concessions. This is a very accurate rating, but Kiev, the situation was more difficult. Ilovaysk, Debaltsevo is not enough for the complete enlightenment of the mind, and therefore, most likely, in Kiev ahead of a new Ilovaysk, and maybe not even one.

And the last one. It took only 9 years after the war in South Ossetia, and Georgia has a slightly different regime that threw the rabid Russophobia and which even the Western media suspect of wanting to improve relations with Russia. Georgian MPs create an informal club to organize a semi-official negotiations with the Russian colleagues to restore relations.

But we were told that after the actions of the Russian army in Georgia relationship is ruined forever. This is not true and it is important that it is now the Georgian side is looking for ways to somehow return to normality. And that’s what makes Tbilisi today is the same, what to do tomorrow Ukraine, or rather what remains of it after all the crises and civil wars.

The wisest thing that could make today, the Ukrainian policy is to recognize the inevitable and not wait 9 years to pass on the Georgian way because after 9 years the conditions will be much worse. But such a wise and bold move they simply do not have enough brains. Well, just no brains, then sooner or later they all have to have the tie live on CNN.


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