Ani Lorak moved Network a photo with her daughter


Ani Lorak congratulated the subscribers on mother’s Day

Popular singer Ani Lorak congratulated mother’s Day and showed a new photo with her daughter. This the artist put on the page in Instagram.

Photo of Ani Lorak hugs his daughter Sophia from Murata Nalchajian, whom she divorced in January 2019.

“Happy mother’s Day! Let all the kids on Earth are loved and healthy – this is the happiness of mothers!”, – signed photo of the singer.

Girls-flowers: Ani Lorak moved network mental picture with daughter

Ani Lorak moved network a photo with her daughter (photo:

Netizens commented on this picture:

With Mother’s Day. Be happy, loved and healthy with Sonia always;
With the holiday;
You have such a beautiful smile and is very similar;
God, what a lovely photo. Sun, be happy! Happy mother’s Day! Love, peace;
Be each other always. The most pure and sincere love. Mother’s Day, Karolina myroslavivna;


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