Angelina Jolie surprised the painful thinness


The actress appeared in Vienna.

On the days the paparazzi photographed a 43-year-old angelina Jolie on a walk with children. All the attention of Internet users was focused on the figure of the actress. Some fans also said that the star looks exhausted.

Recently the paparazzi relentlessly follow Angelina Jolie. In the Network and then there are shots of the actress taken during her walks with the children. Every time fans outfiti discuss in detail the stars of the film “Maleficent”, which finally ceased to wear the “Granny” things.

Recently Angelina wowed the fans that wore a fashionable black dress with a leather bodice and a Flirty lace panel on the back. Later, Jolie appeared in the streets of new York in skinny pants, and then – in bustier dress beige color that was on her breast.

The other day the paparazzi once again photographed Jolie, who led the offspring of the rink. The ex-wife of brad pitt has returned to clothes favorite black. The actress is wearing pants and a spaghetti strap top to match. Looking at the pictures that appeared on the Network, Internet users said that Angie looks older than his age.

The attention of some fans drew too skinny for the hand of Angelina. The skin on them seems limp and flabby. The fans hope that rumors that the star, whose height is 169 cm, weighs 45 kilograms, are not true, and she did not suffer from eating disorders.


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