Angelina Jolie is “caught” in the process of shopping


It seems that in the life of a famous actress starts a white stripe.

Recently Angelina Jolie was spotted in Los Angeles with her daughter Vivian – they went shopping. And like an ordinary event – actress often goes out and pleases children gifts. But netizens said that Jolie seems very happy, literally shines.

The entire world hopes for a reunion of Jolie and pitt. A few days ago it became known that the divorce process is suspended.

“They are a few months did not show any activity, and the judge did not think that they are going,” say insiders.

According to relatives of the stars of Angelina still in love with her husband and was pleasantly surprised by his candid interview with GQ in which he admitted that he has problems with alcohol. Now fans are ready to find any confirmation that the pair will soon be reunited.


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