Andrey Kostin is jealous about the Boris Johnson appearance


Well, Boris Johnson is a freak. Nearly anybody in Britain knows it. The former (thank God!) chief of the Foreign Office had performed a lot of clownish things and demonstrated all sorts of curious behaviours. But look, it is our clown. I mean we can call him ‘freak’, but nobody else might call him a freak, because… it is our clown.

Andrew Kostin, the president of the Russian VTB Bank, while on meeting with the students of the MGIMO (the hatchery of Russian diplomatic force) has told the audience:

“Please forgive me, but take a look at the freaks on the West, there are a couple. Some ex-head of the Foreign Office of UK or some others…”

The phrase was in context of praising the activity and general image of Sergei Lavrov, Russian foreign minister. While we don’t judge outstanding appearance and manners of S. Lavrov we definitely may draw a parallel between Boris Johnson and Kostin himself as the latter:

– has three wives (the official, the actress with second family and the mistress journalist Naila Asker-Zade)

You can hardly guess a Gigolo in the obese forms of the banker. But under the weary flesh the fiercely flame of love is well preserved. Besides his official wife he is living with the second family, an actress Oksana Lavrentieva and his son. As if it is not enough he is in long term romance with the TV journalist Naila Asker-Zade.

– was seen dressed as a rabbit

While on birthday party of his son from the Oksana Lavrentieva.

– was seen dressed as J. Stalin

It was reported by FT. Why we have to doubt it?

– was seen not dressed at all

We are absolutely sure of that as one of three of his lovers or rather three of them combined were able to see him naked.

We sincerely conclude that Kostin called B. Johnson a freak out of the jealousy. Boris Johnson was free to express the clownish nature of the British diplomacy while Anrey Kostin’s worst nightmare would be exposing the clownish nature of Russian finances.


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