Andaz Capital Gate in Abu Dhabi has built a “falling” hotel


Andaz Capital Gate: в Абу-Даби построили "падающий" отельIt rests on the Foundation at an angle of 18 degrees.

One of the attractions of Abu Dhabi, the most inclined hotel in the world “Andaz Capital Gate Abu Dhabi”.

Tilt of 18 degrees is about four times more than the famous leaning tower. In June 2010, the Guinness Book of records certified the building as “the most inclined tower in the world ever created by man.”

And here the Leaning tower, provided your floors from 18 to 33 under the new Andaz Capital Gate, owned by Hyatt Hotels Corporation. He has just officially opened. It 189 guestrooms and suites, a Spa, “Rayana” and the restaurant “18 Degrees” and “The Lounge”.

Outdoor pool on the 19th floor sloping property also has no analogues. Because of the unusual design of the tower and design of each room is unique in size and shape, but Windows from floor to ceiling Windows allow guests to enjoy the best views of the city.

Capital Gate is part of a complex National exhibition centre Abu Dhabi, a group of 23 towers, which are located in famous hotels, offices, residential apartments. 35-storey tower was opened in 2011, built her for five years.

The building stands on 490 piles, which deepened to 30 meters into the ground to resist gravity, wind and seismic tremors that may be caused due to a large tilt of the structure. This is the first Andaz in the middle East, outdoor after popular tourist cities in the world, including London, new York, Tokyo and Shanghai. The emphasis in Andaz hotels, traditionally made on the local culture and give “experience that awakens the senses” for guests to take in the surroundings and to feel like a local.

“The opening of Andaz Capital Gate Abu Dhabi marks an important milestone for Hyatt, reinforcing the company’s reputation among guests and residents,” said Stuart Dyson, CEO of this hotel and the Vice-President in the division Hyatt in Abu Dhabi, Egypt and Jordan.

He added: “the Rich history and culture of the city reflected in all originality, especially in their artistic representation. Thanks to its clever design and the collection of works of art new hotel reflects the spirit and culture of the United Arab Emirates”.


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