Ancient messages on the stones has excited scientists


Древние послания на камнях взволновали ученых Stones with inscriptions often find in Europe.

Puzzles in Central Europe there are a lot. One of them – “the Hungry stones” that scientists became interested. So, near the banks from time to time drained a small rock with strange inscriptions. The descendants left a strange message translated as follows: “If you saw me – pay”.

Some experts suggest that the level data indicated decreased water level in reservoirs. This fact is the ancient people spoke only about one thing – the beginning of the drought and, as a consequence, hunger. This theory is plausible, but not true.

On the stones of the dates noted in the standard way (e.g., 1616 year, etc.). The people of the XV century was not written, it was conducted due to the creation of the world or important events.

Perhaps we need to remember the prophecy Vanga. The psychic said that one day on the surface will go the treasure and the water will disappear. Clean liquid will be weight of gold. All Nations will suffer from fires, earthquakes and the elements.

This year the water level in several rivers in Europe, fell sharply. A huge number of “Hungry stones” were under the scorching sun. Really horrific prophecy come true?


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