Anatomy Of A Scoop. Essay 2. The effect of curb


Анатомия Совка. Очерк 2. Эффект обочины

In the popular series about Dr. Quinn, medicine woman with the Wild West, one of the first series is such a strange episode. The villagers tell the doctor that the Queen, as they were lynched, hung some of his neighbor, because he dug up on the site well.

The story is wild and obscure. How can you deprive a person of life for such nonsense?

And only a few years later after watching this series, when I really began to study Game Theory, I finally realized what happened.

Hung neighbor was apparently one of the first Soviet people in the US, and a healthy American society defended his village from drought, the most radical and the only secure way, making disinfection, eliminating appeared in the town of shovels source of infection.

I am, of course, had been joking.

But in fact… in fact the strange serial episode clearly shows the conflicts that are taking place nowadays between Western civilization and faced with it the Soviet people.

In the last essay, I described what was happening with the Soviet people in the West. In this essay, I will tell you what happens with the West when it fall of the Soviet people.

Nothing good happens! Scoop’s contagious like the plague!

Let me living examples to tell how the scoop infects and affects Western society.

But let’s start from afar.

In very serious not serious science called “Game Theory”, which deals with the search for optimal management strategies, there is such a thing as “the tragedy of the Commons”. In Wikipedia and all sorts of textbooks, this concept explains the long, tedious and obscure, and I’ll try to explain this clearly in the well-familiar example.

Just imagine that in the morning on country roads is quite dense traffic. Tube-not the tube, but the speed is barely 40 kilometers per hour. And people in a hurry. I want faster.

And that someone is not excited, he pulls over to the side. And racing down the sidelines at a speed of 60 km ahead of the car, trudging along the highway. And all anything, but sooner or later, he will have to come back from the curb back. And at this moment, when he is fit, the cars on the highway are forced to slow down, passing it, and following them slows down the entire highway. The speed drops from 40 to 30 km per hour.

Drivers, seeing the speed drops, and “side moves”, also pulling onto the shoulder to avoid a traffic jam. But they all also have to go back, crossing the main stream. And they stall it. And the main thread, in turn, in order to maintain at least some speed, too, will stop to let them on the highway. Roadside also get up..

In the end, where a few minutes ago at the very least had some, albeit not a very fast movement, everything stops dead, and the highway and roadside. And all because of some stupid first moved down to the sidelines.

Here is the “effect curb” perfectly illustrates the phenomenon that in Game Theory called “the tragedy of the Commons”.

If it is very simplistic, the Tragedy of the Commons occurs when balance and stability in the community there are certain limits for each member (in our example — the speed limit for all up to 40 km). And when one of the members of the society tries with these restrictions removed (to avoid the difficulty on the side), then other members of society, not to be a loser, too, will be forced to remove the restrictions, and the result is a “tragedy” (in our example, the movement stops).

The tragedy of the Commons — a very common phenomenon. If there is some problem, some crisis, where something is stopped, it usually costs only slightly scratched a finger, as the outside will come out the same “curb effect”.

Now why do you think the shelves in Russian shops are full of shit, and you instead of 250 gram packs of natural butter buy 170 grambye packs of flavored palm oil? You think it’s all because of the sanctions?

Fuck no! Because of her darling, because of the Tragedy of the Commons!

It all started with the fact that some asshole, somewhere in the vast ex-Soviet Union decided to gain a competitive advantage by removing themselves from common restrictions. Took, and released the milk carton 1 liter, and 900 grams for the same price, rightly judging that visually, the differences will be completely invisible and he will gain over your competitors as much as 10%.

It is important to emphasize that the nerd was just “Soviet”. Because Western experts such stupid decisions would not be accepted. He was educated, taught him to calculate the consequences several moves ahead, not a quarter, calculates the Soviet moron. Western specialist understands what the tragedy of the Commons and the consequences of attempts to gain advantage that way.

But our Soviet nerd about game theory not even heard of, operates purely on a whim, he believes that came up with an ingenious marketing move and anticipates as much as 10% of the benefits.

What? He received it?

Alas, instead of benefits, he received a 10% drop in turnover!

Because his competitors are the same ignorant fools. Instead of trying to catch the idiot and publicly hang him on the first pillar, thereby improving the gene pool of the nation, they also released packs of 900 grams instead of liters. And everything was again in the same conditions, but conditions are already worse. As sold 1,000 packages of milk per day and sold. But now these 1000 packets contain 1000 litres as before, but only 900. The volume of the market imploded by 10% with all the consequences.

And then the same or another idiot decides to replace in their products part of milk fat of cheaper palm oil…

“The effect of roadside” pervades the entire territory of the post-Soviet space from top to bottom and is the main driving force of the post-Soviet economy.

A consequence of the hundred years ‘ lack of experience of free enterprise in the country. A consequence of the total ignorance of the population under the Soviet system, the whole car useless for life knowledge and have not received the most basic need for life skills (even compound interest in Soviet schools are not). The investigation targeted a century of suppression of the intellectual elite in the country (where even the term “kreakl” is a dirty word). The result of a century of nurturing and careful cultivation of the basest instincts in the population. Yes, actually, what’s the difference, what caused this Orgy of ignorance and obscurantism, which swept the “Russian”, or rather “Soviet” world.

Western civilization too, in his time, centuries ago, had been ill with it, and she also happened to carpaneto across the Board “the Tragedy of the Commons”. But being, in contrast to Scoop, civilization, pragmatic and teachable, she was granted immunity. And now, every more or less sane Westerner mother’s milk absorbs the knowledge that before using some obvious opened to you advantage, you should slow down and figure out and not there lies behind the next corner, some trick that will result in harm instead of benefits.

There are very well aware of the danger of simple solutions to complex problems, and let some idiot try to avoid a traffic jam on the sidewalk, as dozens of hands take the phone and call the police. Not because it’s so conscious, but because everyone understands that if you do not call, the traffic on the highway will stop.

That is why Western society permeates a huge number of all kinds of “workarounds”, and who wants to “run around”. But they are empty, none of them is not running, all understand that running will be bad for everyone and same you in the first place.

And now imagine how in the middle of this splendor is not having any internal brakes and absolutely devoid of any “moral systems” of the Soviet people. Yes that I explain it to you, you yourself understand everything perfectly. You know that any scoop, going on foreign holidays, trying to choose a hotel that has no other scoops.

Any Soviet citizen, being among an abundance of empty “flanking paths”, indulges them in all serious, and Western society covers one small “tragedy of the Commons” after another. And where three years ago you could rent a car for photocopy rights, you will not give without the original license and without insurance Deposit even a moped. Where a year ago in the Bank you believe in the word, now require eight pounds of notarized translation with apostille and certificate of analysis of urine.

No, of course, immune to the “effect curb,” it will not go away, it works. Western society after some time, when the first shock passes, mobilized and allows to shoot without a license of any living target, only appeared on laterally. Then the fun begins hunting and hear the lamentations of scoops: “How can so severely punish for such a harmless transgression.”

But every time since, when Western society has just shovels catches the infection and until the time when the immune system begins to work, is always a period of time when it covers the full fever and the Western people, at least for a short period, though not fully, but know firsthand the charm of a scoop.

Here I am, here we are in a quiet and peaceful Limassol, watching two unfolding “the tragedy of the Commons”, which I want to tell you.

Little life hack that is rapidly expanding in the local tourism environment. I do not know who first came up with this simple combination, but a hack, simple and lying on the surface.

Want to rest comfortably for next to nothing? Buy one night in some big hotel on system “All inclusive”. For one day only. And then remove for a couple of weeks and even a month apartment in nearby “trisect”, even without the pension, even without the Breakfast, very cheap work!

After a day on the system “all inclusive”, leaving the hotel save hotel chain. It’s not any complex electronic device, it’s just a tag that certifies that its owner is living in a hotel all inclusive. Neither the date nor the room number, or your fingerprints on the bracelet are not spelled out.

Well, then you understand. Spend the night in a nearby hotel of three stars, and the rest of the time actually spent in the very cool old hotel and free then enjoy all the benefits of “All inclusive” with your sanitarnogo bracelet.

No, don’t thank for the tip. The freebie was over. And ended it. This trick was so obvious that lay on the surface not only for the “most intelligent” tourists, but also for the administration. Just advance to the head still had no idea that there are idiots who are so stupid to be substituted.

So the end came soon. Caught red-handed you’re lucky. They only had to pay for the entire period of this most freebies at the very sickly “street” prices of the hotel. But it could be worse — the police, deportation, five-year ban on entry into the European Union.

But the worst thing in hotels serving all inclusive will be replaced by more restrictive and less comfortable, and bracelets will be replaced by more complex and expensive, with fixing dates and the names of the tourist, and next year you have to go to the same hotels already 10-15% more expensive.

Another story.

There is in Europe a German supermarket chain, which is much better than the low prices, very high quality and totally awesome, the organisation of work — a real German “Ordnung”.

In our town of Paphos there are two supermarkets of this network. One in a residential area and the other in the tourist area. In accordance with the traditions of German “Ordnung” in supermarkets is constantly conducted all sorts of promotions to increase customer loyalty. Well, for example, a few times a year a buyer made a purchase for a certain amount, gets to cash a lottery ticket by which you can win all kinds of cool favors.

And here are the network administration at some point, quite sensibly judged that in a tourist area, which is full of Russian tourists, it would be nice to complement the Russian-speaking shop staff. No sooner said than done. And in one of the two stores appeared former Soviet tetechki.

I think you already guessed what happened next. Soviet telecheck immediately came up with the idea that, by definition, could not come up to local staff: “And why should we have to give these raffle tickets that Russian tourists? They’re about the action — no hearing nor spirit, about tickets I do not know the ads on the walls read not knowing the language, and who reads — ask me hesitate”. And now tickets with every premium purchase began to migrate into the pockets of themselves telecheck, tourists, as usual did not have to ask — beauty!

And then the local staff began to notice what is happening and surprised: “what, don’t you?” Well, you know the rules “the tragedy of the Commons” — someone should just start. Of course, some of the local staff tried to be honest, informed the administration about any of this, but this is on a system that initially assumes that everyone is honest, it is difficult to prove intent. Well, we catch a Russian lady’s hand, she gave the ticket to the buyer, the lady grabbed his head and sincerely polikristalas: “Oh, I forgot, thought, distracted, family problems, my daughter received the two…”.

In short, after some time, what was happening was the weight involved staff, and the tickets stopped to walk, first to tourists, and then to all buyers including locals. Who thought to remind the cashiers that relies on a lottery ticket, got it, and who did not resemble, well, himself to blame, not recalled.

And then, and those who resembled, became the tickets to get strange answers, like “promotion has ended”. It is here that the locals stiffened in surprise, and the British, which become very severe when someone is trying to infringe on their rights, began to complain.

What sort of showdown was happening inside the shopping network, hidden by a curtain of secrecy. But judging by the fact that the composition of the cashiers has been updated Russian telecheck at the box office has become less, some fights happened.

But it was too late. The staff already entered into the taste. And the story is not yet completed. It will all end is clear, the German Ordnung in the end prevail, but that’s the way it happens, I still for the life of me don’t understand. Nice, the only reliable way would just be to simultaneously dismiss all infected with the scoop staff, 100% of store employees. But the labor laws of such feints in civilized countries does not allow. Otherwise, I have no idea. The management of the network — is not, judging by the fact that the show goes on, albeit on a more modest scale.

Anyway, let’s wait and see, and after a while will come back to this story. She’s still not over.



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