Anastassia Khozissova reveals an unpleasant truth at Lauren house


Anastassia Khozissova claims that Ralph Lauren approached her in 2004 to be his muse for some of his collections and for the popular book Diary of a Collection, with “intimate and breathtaking photos.” in 2014, the model discovered an extensive fraud plan within the company Ralph Lauren Corp.’, writes Page Six. She was supposed to be evicted after this. As a result, she ’suffered severely, including loss of sleep, lack of ambition and a serious career crisis’, according to the indictment.

Ralph Lauren continues to use the photos of Khozissova, which also appeared in the HBO documentary Very Ralph, which can be seen via streaming services and the internet. In addition, photos of the Russian supermodel can be seen in the Ralph Lauren shop in Moscow and in the Polo Bar 1 in the Upper East Side district in New York. According to her, she did not authorize it, nor was she compensated.


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