Anastasia Prikhodko became the Honored artist of Ukraine


Independence Day of Ukraine Anastasia Prikhodko received the title of Honored artist.

“In Independence Day, when I suddenly began to congratulate with the title of Honored artist of Ukraine, I was preparing to perform in Kropiwnicki, – said Anastasia Prikhodko. – During the first greetings didn’t even understand what’s going on! So people in Kropyvnyts’ke got the first exclusive emotions from Honored artist of Ukraine! All of my close people, friends, colleagues, fans! Everyone who continues to believe in me and my music! Thank you for you! Glory To Ukraine!” commented singer a new title.

Recall that in the Arsenal of Anastasia Prikhodko, there are state awards of Ukraine:
– Gratitude “For significant contribution to the protection of native lands on the territory of Luhansk oblast”
– Gratitude “For creative work to improve the lives of the people of Ukraine”
– Gratitude “For significant contributions to the revival and development of Ukrainian national consciousness.”
– Defender Of The Fatherland
– A breastplate “the Center of special operations “alpha” – “Honor – to anybody!”
– A memorable Sign “For assistance to the Naval Forces of Ukraine”
– Medal “Nobody except us”
– Thanks “For the help and understanding of the need to be together in the solution of important tasks on the path to a strong and independent Ukrainian nation”
– Diploma “For significant contribution to development of Ukrainian culture and maintaining high morale of the Ukrainian troops”
In addition to the above awards, the singer has received numerous other awards.

In 2007, after the victory of the Russian TV project “star Factory-7” (First channel, Russia), Anastasia Prikhodko, has toured extensively in USA, Canada, Spain, Israel, Switzerland, Germany, Georgia, Chechnya, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia. Gathered full halls and sports Palaces recitals. Played in popular television shows. Did not descend from TV screens and magazine covers. Received numerous awards in Russia and former Soviet countries. It is, for example, is a winner of the prestigious award “Tashir” in Armenia.

And when in 2009 she was chosen to represent Russia at the International Eurovision song contest, she insisted to execute the whole of Europe song “Mother” not only in Russian but also in Ukrainian. So, apparently, even then in Russia it was awarded the diploma of “Nobility of soul”.

In 2013, Shakira was one of the first artists appeared on stage of the Maidan to support the fighters for freedom of Ukraine. Assisted the participants of the revolution of Dignity medicines, cooked food. Have sung on the stage of the Maidan.

In 2014, the singer again is one of the first to go with the concert tour “will Support their” in the zone ATO. Acted in Lysychansk, Popasna, Kreminna, Slavyansk, Severodonetsk, Kramatorsk, Konstantinovka, Mariupol, Svatovo. She repeatedly gave concerts under the plant for the soldiers of the 90th battalion, even in the hottest and most violent periods of fighting.

In 2015-2016, the stranger again spoke to the Ukrainian soldiers in the ATO zone during the concert tour “Heroes never die”. Pregnant with her second child, concealing it from her husband and friends, singing in the trenches on the 24th the checkpoint. Tour “Heroes never die” continued in the United States, Spain, Italy. During concerts abroad Anastasia Prikhodko raised over $ 50.000 that was transferred to the help for ATO soldiers, refugee children and families who lost their homes during the fighting in the Donbass.


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