Analysts: Ruble has become more sensitive to oil prices and sanctions pressure


Аналитики: Рубль стал более чувствительным к нефти, а санкции давят

The Russian national currency after the country of the tax period became “more sensitive to respond to signals from the oil market, where Brent quotes carefully restored”. This opinion was expressed by the expert of the Academy of management Finance and investment Gennady Nikolaev.

However, in his view, “the potential for a more sustained growth (oil) futures, which continue to “Woo” a mark 64 dollars per barrel, is limited because of doubts of investors in progress in the framework of the forthcoming trade negotiations between the US and China.”

Meanwhile, says the expert on the stock market “BCS” Dmitry Babin, “factors constraining the growth of the ruble after oil prices supports the new initiative of the American legislators”. “Previously approved an amendment to the defense budget, suggesting the ban on the purchase by American companies of Russian government bonds, several senators suggested the possibility of expanding sanctions for interfering in the election process, targeting banking, energy and defense sectors of Russia. However, it will be activated only in the case that such intervention will set for the future,” says the review analyst.

For his part, Deputy head of the “Information-analytical center “Alpari”,” Natalia Milchakova draws attention to the fact that “the ruble is nervous waiting for the decision of the U.S. Federal reserve (the U.S. Central Bank — ed.) on the interest rate, which will be announced on Wednesday, late in the evening.” According to the analyst, it is expected that the Committee of the Federal open markets to lower rates by 25 basis points to 2.25%.

The analysts FxPro add that “the ruble is only a short time can be left out of the movement of the world markets, ignoring the outflow of investors from commodity currencies”. “High stakes handicap ruble to investors reduced positions in the beginning of a reversal in the markets. However, this still does not guarantee bulletproof protection”, — experts warn.

Recall also that the Russian Central Bank has lowered since July 31, the official exchange rate of US dollar 14 cents to 63,3791 of the ruble. Thus, the single European currency has lost nearly 4.5 dime, and tomorrow it will 70,5980 of the ruble.

To date, the ruble continues to strengthen against the dollar and the Euro during trading on the Moscow exchange. So, as of 17:07 Moscow time the dollar calculations “tomorrow” has decreased by 4 kopecks to the previous close to 63,39 of the ruble. The single European currency fell 9 cents to 70,6275 of the ruble, according to data exchange.


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