Analysts ranked smartphones with different diagonals


Аналитики составили рейтинг смартфонов с разными диагоналями The latest popular item is the 5.7-inch display.

Recently a group of analysts from DeviceAtlas made the TOP smartphones with different diagonals. Became known, some of the diagonal smartphones were more acceptable to buyers in 2017.

In order to accurately learn user preferences, the experts took the number of smartphones sold in each of the surveyed regions and the resulting number of those in which there was a certain screen diagonal. As it became known, the most popular are gadgets, with a 5.5 inch screen.

In Malaysia, India and Nigeria more than a quarter of the population prefer a 5.5 inch display. In the USA, Egypt and Australia, the level of sales of these phones 20%. In Japan, Sweden, Australia – more than 15%. The smartphone has 4-inch screen, take second place.


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