An unusual bequest left by the stars. Photo


Необычные завещания, оставленные звездами. Фото They took care of everything in advance.

In recent years, increasingly flare up scandals around the inheritance of a bygone stars. In order to protect your loved ones from the unpleasant showdown, a celebrity cook is responsible the document long before the age of maturity. Inheritance is passed not only property and money. Sometimes a will includes the very strange conditions that are far from simple.

Charlie Chaplin

Необычные завещания, оставленные звездами. Фото

A comic genius who knew how to make laugh the audience with one movement of the eyebrows, was widely known as a heavy smoker. With his pipe he left, perhaps, only in the frame. Having decided after his death to bestow the same passionate smoker, as he himself, the great Chaplin added his will to the point at which exactly one million dollars will go to those who first in the world to do a certain trick with tobacco smoke. The future millionaire just need to release 6 rings of tobacco smoke, and then pass through them seventh. Since the death of Charlie Chaplin it’s been more than 40 years, and a million is still waiting for its new owner.

Frank Sinatra

Необычные завещания, оставленные звездами. Фото

During his lifetime he gained fame not only a talented singer and showman, but also a ladies ‘ man and lover is extremely fun. Frank Sinatra was determined not to give up pleasures in the other world. That’s why he’s in the will included a requirement to put in the grave with him a bottle of your favorite whiskey Jack Daniels, a pack of “Camel” Zippo lighter and a few 10-cent a moment in case of “unexpected expenses”. His last wishes are carried out exactly, and on his grave, surmounted by the inscription “All the best to come”, fans today bring whiskey and cigarettes.

Harry Houdini

Необычные завещания, оставленные звездами. Фото

He denied the existence of the ability, considering mediums and psychics the usual scams. He made no secret of his tricks, generously revealing their secrets in the pages he has written books. At the same time the illusionist appreciated a good prank and could not resist the temptation to tease the crowd even after his own death. A separate paragraph in the will of Harry Houdini pointed out the location of the safe, which stores descriptions of all of his tricks. To open it was becoming a day of centennial anniversary of Houdini. March 24, 1974, the safe was open but was completely empty.

Malcolm McLaren

Необычные завещания, оставленные звездами. Фото

Widely known Manager of the legendary group “Sex Pistols” did not like the stereotypes. In addition to the usual points of the will of inheritance, the musician decided to make a show of their own funeral. As a result of executing the last will of the deceased, the funeral of Malcolm McLaren was amazing. Came to bid farewell could see the coffin, decorated with four horses and the inscription “Lived too fast, died too young” and instead of a moment of grieving silence was in memory of the departed to arrange a “moment of chaos” with loud music.

Elizabeth Taylor

Необычные завещания, оставленные звездами. Фото

Film star was also very concerned with holding their own funeral, and therefore in the will of underlined to start the ceremony 15 minutes after the designated time. There is a feeling that the star, famous for his amazing ability to be late everywhere, not going to deny myself this pleasure after death.

Marlon Brando

Необычные завещания, оставленные звездами. Фото

The actor loved to shock the audience during his lifetime, and to their own funeral began to prepare long before his departure from life. He personally dictated on audio cassettes scenario of a funeral, according to which the farewell ceremony had to Jack Nicholson, and the first memorial toast said Michael Jackson. In the last years of his life, Marlon Brando lived on welfare from the state, owed more than 10 million dollars to its creditors. Therefore the will is concerned only method of burial. However, the grave of the great actor doesn’t exist: he told me to scatter your ashes over the Islands that once belonged to him.

Frederick John Bor

Необычные завещания, оставленные звездами. Фото

Chemical engineer who once came up with a package for the popular Pringles potato chips, did not want his ashes were buried in the standard ballot box. He is extremely proud of his invention and bequeathed to bury the urn with the ashes, and that the cylindrical box of chips. The heirs of the designer fulfilled his wish.

Alain Delon

Необычные завещания, оставленные звездами. Фото

The symbol of masculine beauty of the last century, conqueror of female hearts and a passionate animal lover said he wants to go with his shepherd. The actor said that he would ask the vet to euthanize a four-legged friend in that case, if you leave this world before dogs. The actor wished to be buried near their 35 Pets, cemetery for which he gave in the garden of his house.

Kim Kardashian

Необычные завещания, оставленные звездами. Фото

American star reality show, despite the relatively young age, has already managed to make a will. About who and what she is going to leave a legacy, is unknown. But the concern with their appearance after death obviously does not star peace. She described in the will not only the clothes in which she shall be buried, but even hair, color of lipstick and nail Polish.

William Shakespeare

Необычные завещания, оставленные звездами. Фото

The national poet of England was a consummate prig. In his will he mentioned absolutely everything he owns, even well-worn shoes and old clothes.


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