“An unpleasant surprise” for the United States: now the Crimea under the protection of the new Tu-22M3M


«Неприятный сюрприз» для США: теперь Крым под охраной новых Ту-22М3М

Edition of the National Interest has recently published an interesting article which reported on a new and very “unpleasant surprise” for the United States. The reporters of the journal talked about an improved Tu-22M3M, the supply of which the Russian troops will begin in 2021.

In fact, the model is upgraded to such an extent that it could be called a new bomber. For example, in this sample, 80% of replaced avionics, so the bomber has a much better navigation and the automation level.

To the previous model Tu-22M3 has been added to the package М3М. Moreover, significant changes have affected even the cockpit, not to mention the jamming system. Also Held navigation system “GLONASS”, and most importantly, the model will be able to manage not only the bombs of the type X-22 and X-32, but almost all modern guided long range missiles. Such as the Kh-101/102 and hypersonic complex “Dagger”.

Military expert Dmitry Kornev told that this upgrade will allow the aircraft to occupy a unique position, and successfully complete tactical and strategic objectives. Another expert, Yuri Whips noted that in connection with the program of the Ministry of defense for improvement of airfields and military bases, the geography of the use of Tu-22M3M will be significantly expanded in the coming years.

Of course, you first need to placing the aircraft on the territory is, in the Crimea, because the us Navy regularly visits the Black sea, forgetting to ask permission. But now their destroyers will “kindly” taken That-22M3M.



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