An official delegation from Belgium for the first time in 2014 will visit Crimea


Официальная делегация из Бельгии впервые с 2014 года посетит Крым

Country Benelux will invest in the development of port infrastructure of the Peninsula more than €50 million.

An official delegation from Belgium for the first time in 2014 will visit Crimea. Will come to the Peninsula local MPs and entrepreneurs who intend to invest in the production of building materials and the construction of commercial real estate, as well as to develop in the Republic of port management. This “Izvestia” said the co-chair of the organizing Committee of the IV international Yalta economic forum (AMEF) Andrei Nazarov. The information was confirmed by members of the Belgian delegation — according to them, development of port infrastructure of the Crimea will be invested over €50 million.

The participants of the IV AMEP, which will be held from 19 to 21 April, will be more than 3 thousand people, including more than 500 guests from 60 countries. Co-chair of the organizing Committee Andrey Nazarov has declared “news” that the official group of current parliamentarians, businessmen and experts from Belgium first visit to Crimea after the reunification of the region with Russia in 2014. According to him, the delegation will include about 15 people.

Member of the Belgian delegation personally have confirmed their participation in IV AMEP. Throughout the year they actively participate in all the activities that take place in the framework of the forum. This presentation of the economic potential of the Republic of Crimea in the European Parliament, and the presentation forum at the Palace of Daun-Kinsky in Vienna, Austria, where they had come with ready-made projects, — said Andrei Nazarov. — So, representatives of the second largest port in Europe — Antwerp — has already offered tools and technologies to improve port management in the Crimea. In addition, there are a number of projects in development, construction, commercial real estate and manufacture of building materials, particularly bricks. It is planned that the relevant agreements will be signed in the framework of the IV AMEP.

One of the members of the delegation — honorable Senator Frank Kreyelman said in an interview with “Izvestiya” that AMEP come deputies of the Federal Parliament of Belgium — Filip DeWinter, representing the party “Vlaams Belang”, Aldo Carcase from the people’s party and others.

Crimea gives a lot of opportunities for business development. This is a great place to trade, and pleasant weather conditions contribute to the development of tourism. I’m going to the Peninsula, to attract investment in port infrastructure. We plan to invest more than €50 million, — told “Izvestia” trading Advisor of the port of Antwerp, owner of the logistics company Flanders Maritime Port Services Peter Vergouwen. — The harbour of Antwerp historically connected with Saint-Petersburg and Peter the Great, who lived for some time in our country. Now it is necessary to develop relations between the Crimean ports and Antwerp (seaport in this town is the second in Europe after the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. — “News”). I think our experience will help the economy on the Peninsula.

Official visit of the Belgians in the Crimea will be an important step to establish relations between Brussels and Moscow, has declared “news” the Senator Anke van Dermeersch. She stressed that during the forum there will be discussed not only commercial projects, but also cooperation in the field of culture and education.

On AMAP the members of the delegation plan to focus on the need to remove anti-Russian sanctions and their negative impact on the economies of EU countries. So, the Deputy of the lower house of the Federal Parliament of Belgium’s Filip DeWinter told “Izvestia” that the arrival of foreign delegations to Crimea — a clear signal to Brussels about the need to review the sanctions policy.

We want progress in relations with Russia, and sanctions prevent this. European countries should cooperate with Russia. For me, as for many other businesses, is point number one. I hope that in April we will begin the implementation of specific investment projects, which will be announced on AMEF, — told “Izvestia” a senior partner of the development company of the Belgian Group G Vincent van Acelin.

Crimea in recent years has become an increasingly attractive place for foreign investors. In April 2018 in Yalta will arrive Syrian businessmen who plan to invest in the agricultural sector of the region. In addition, Irish entrepreneurs intend to invest about €100 million in development projects, particularly in the construction of hotels on the Crimean coast. In 2018, with construction companies from Italy, an agreement was reached on the construction of the Peninsula residential complex “Italian village” — the project will be completed by 2020.

It should be noted that the interest to the Crimea on the part of European politicians and their desire to improve relations with Russia are rising against the decision of the European Union for six months to extend sanctions against 150 citizens of the Russian Federation and 38 Russian companies. The restrictive measures are valid until 15 September 2018.



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