An incredible discovery: on the site found a Nazi coin from the future


Невероятная находка: на стройплощадке обнаружили монету нацистов из будущего On the coin stamped 2039.

In the Internet appeared information about the discovery in Mexico of a mysterious coin from the future. At the site, where construction works took place, a Mexican named Diego Avila found an unusual round piece of metal similar to coin.

A piece of metal was indeed value. It clearly depicts Nazi symbols – an eagle with a swastika. Date of manufacture coins shocked Diego. On the coin under the German symbols were embossed 2039, and over the swastikas is the inscription” New Germany”. On the reverse of the coin a phrase in German that translates as “one nation”.

In the comments to a photo of the found coins, the majority of social media users admitted that she came to us from a parallel world or a modified line of temporary space. Others have suggested that Germany will intervene in world conflicts, using secret Nazi bunkers in Antarctica, and then become the center of the world.

Other explanations for the appearance of mysterious coins with 2039 yet.


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