An eyewitness told about the observation of a UFO that scared the dog


Очевидец рассказал о наблюдении за НЛО, который напугал собаку The animal had sensed the approach of the object.

UFO flying over Newbury, Berkshire, scared the dog of the beholder. The animal was barking and was in a panic. About the event one of the residents of Newbury, wrote on a UFO website.

The witness with his dog at the time was walking on the street with my dog and suddenly saw in the sky flying at high speed a black triangle.

He was going approximately 40 miles per hour at an altitude of about a kilometer and it is completely silent. However, he glowed brightly and the light was similar to the “stadium floodlights”.

“Two of his side were more elongated, and the third shorter. About 40 to 60 percent. The light was coming from the rear and it was so vivid that reminded me of the classic sci-Fi movies with UFOs. He was as bright as stadium floodlights, but was more white and not yellow.”

On the tips of the triangle were burning red and white lights. And white burned steadily, and the red was blinking. From the bottom of the “bottom” of the triangle no light was not.

The hound of the witness at this point started acting like they were scared. She began to bark loudly, jump up and tear off the leash. According to its owner, never the dog itself didn’t lead.

One of the British ufologists Carl Webb was notified about this case, but treated it with doubt. In his version it was probably just a drone.

This case is not the first, when dogs clearly respond to the appearance of UFOs.

26 July 1990, a resident of Albany Thomas was walking her dog in the evening in a local Park. Suddenly the dog pulled the leash and began to twitch in the direction of the trees. Thomas looked in that direction and suddenly saw just above the trees floating a few bright lights. For a while they gently hovered in the sky, and then flew away at great speed.

5 August 1990 Richard from upstate new York was walking his dog around midnight. He always left before bed on a late walk. Suddenly the dog began to bark loudly and spinning on the spot, and then began to pull the leash in the direction of the nearest Park.

When Richard tried to rein in the dog, he suddenly heard a loud buzzing sound and saw how high in the sky directly above them hung two red ball. The dog suddenly stopped, and two minutes later the balloons flew away.

In June 1993, in San Francisco, Deborah walked in the evening with parents and family dog breed the Dalmatian. Suddenly the dog began to behave restlessly and soon saw near the side of the highway the bright red and green lights.

First, they decided that it rides great truck, but the closer they came, the clearer it became that the lights are much higher than supposed to be any machine. When they approached the highway, we saw a two bright Orb hanging near the wires electroscalpel.

As soon as the balls started to move, the dog lay down on the grass and fell silent. The family watched hovering lights about 10 minutes, and then they suddenly disappeared. Dalmatian then finally got up from the grass.

In 1999, cold October day Sebastian went for a walk with his Terrier Patton. They calmly walked along the sidewalk, when suddenly, Sebastian noticed in the sky what at first was considered very bright star.

But this star suddenly began to increase in size and changed color, becoming bright orange. And she was down, hanging in the end, at the tree level. Patton then began to growl and whine at the same time, it is something very scared.

After about five minutes, the orange ball suddenly began to burn even brighter, and then ran straight up with incredible speed and disappeared. At the time when the UFO flashed a bright light, the dog screamed so hard, like someone hurt him.

Очевидец рассказал о наблюдении за НЛО, который напугал собаку


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