An eyewitness from Chile filmed the “all seeing eye” in the sky


Очевидец из Чили заснял "всевидящее око" в небе Such coincidences are very rare.

Over the city of Temuco, which is in the province of Cautin, appeared a strange anomaly, which was similar to the “all seeing eye”. Captured an amazing object correspondent Rodrigo Contreras.

According to an eyewitness, the figure had a perfectly smooth triangle shape, it was made of condensation trails and some flying boats. In the center of the triangle was the sun.

Rodrigo immediately compared the pattern with the Masonic sign, which was supposedly created by a Higher power. The man immediately published a photo on the network so users have given their assessment of what happened.

As noted by many commentators, the anomaly is an accidental crossing of contrails. The picture is impressive and amazing, but nothing supernatural in it. Ardent skeptics have added that the sun doesn’t look much like an eye.

There were also users who were thoughtful about the activities of the masons. As considered by some conspiracy theorists, therefore, the representatives of the secret society decided to recall its existence.


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