An explosion at a carnival in Bolivia: the death toll has risen


Взрыв на карнавале в Боливии: число погибших возросло21 people were killed and over 70 wounded.

On the first day of folklore carnival in Bolivia in the city of Oruro killed 21 people, more than 70 were injured. This was announced on Sunday, commander of the national police, Faustino Mendoza, reports local channel Telesur.

“We had a very sad day, and unfortunately, there have been several incidents in total, we have 21 dead and 72 wounded,” said Mendoza.

He said that with the explosion in Oruro, which is now sent thousands of people to participate in the carnival, injuring 47 people.

In two road incidents killed 13 people, one of them also went to Oruro from La Paz.


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