An experienced politician Madam Sobchak


Опытный политик мадам Собчак

“Ksenia Sobchak for President”. Nonsense? Oh no!

It is an ideal fit in the plans of the Kremlin, and of the Xenia anatolevny…

“Ksenia Sobchak, the President is a mockery. Art project a very high level” – under such heading in Glamour magazine published an interview with chief socialite of the Russian Federation, in which “an experienced politician” Madam Sobchak for the first time did not deny the presence of her presidential ambitions.

Just want to offer a small but important amendment. The word “Art” in the above title is deeply inappropriate. Art project of the nomination of 35-year-old flamboyant ladies of show business in the highest leaders of the second nuclear power in the world has absolutely nothing to do.

But it has the most direct relation to high politics. And the question in this case is not about “politics” in the form of a small-town games in opposition “sandbox”, but the policy is quite serious. Deeply absurd at first glance, the slogan “Ksenia for President!” are equally perfect fit in the plans of the Kremlin, and of the Xenia anatolevny.

Just want to reassure those too nervous people, who are under the influence of last year’s victory of Donald trump at the election of the President of the United States may not expel from the depths of his consciousness the thought that the unthinkable could happen in Russia. Can’t. President of Ksenia Sobchak in Russia will never, under any circumstances.

It understands all reasonable-minded people, among whom I without any discounts classifies itself Ksenia Anatolievna. Yes, Yes, exactly. Ksenia Sobchak is not a “ painted doll”, as it is I think some detractors. Ksenia Sobchak is quite a Mature, experienced and shrewd political player who understands what is required of her and what role she will play.

“The main thing – not victory, and participation” – possibly, I have no genuine sporting spirit, but I always thought it was a famous saying of the founder of the modern Olympic movement Baron Pierre de Coubertin consolation for the losers, those who participated, but remained with the nose. But for a candidate in the presidential elections of 2018 Ksenia Sobchak, these words are a real guide to action.

As I said above, the victory of Xenia anatolevny no one is waiting. But her waiting in the Kremlin involvement in the election campaign – participation is not a formality, but a genuine, violent, and unsentimental, participate in the style of “ Sobchak in all its glory”.

The presence in the Kremlin, such desires can be confusing. Generally in the election of the President of the Russian Federation in the role of sparring partners of Putin are “exceptionally dangerous competitors” like eternal Gennady Zyuganov or former security guard of Zhirinovsky (was in the 2004 elections, this presidential candidate Oleg Malyshkin, if anyone forgot).

But in Putin’s entourage are well aware: in the elections of 2018 such a common political move – or, to put it more accurately – is the usual lack of political progress – not a ride. The Kremlin, it is important that Putin did not just win elections – “just win” the election provided now. The Kremlin, it is important that Putin won convincingly.

And for this in the current political circumstances require, in turn, on two conditions. Condition a: > a vivid and convincing opponent of the Russian political camp, which is conditional and, for lack of a better term can be called liberal. Condition B: the name of this “powerful opponent” should not sound like a “Bulk”.

Of course, it is not necessary to conclude that if Navalny was allowed to participate to the elections, he would have a real chance to defeat Putin. Candidate Navalny, of course, would garner more votes than they will gain candidate Sobchak. But the final election result would not change. Would change only the place of Alexei Navalny in the Russian politics. Of the person to whom it hangs suspended sentence, as he is officially now, the Bulk would become a figure that led the Kremlin to dance to their tune.

The current strategy of government in relation to Alexei Navalny is very simple: it is trying to drive back to the political fringe. To escape from this trap Bulk can, only if will receive the right to become an official candidate. But the theoretical ability of such a right would mean for the government a complete loss of face.

Bulk – conditionally convicted and that, according to the letter of the law, denies him the right to run. Navalny sees his task that to death to frighten the government and force it to make an exception for him. However, the power is not going to be afraid. She’s going to neutralize the Bulk strategy, choosing Putin at the same time quite comfortable and quite convincing competitor in the liberal camp. Candidate for the role of such a competitor and is Ksenia Sobchak.

I am very far from the world of glamor and secular parties, and I am delighted. Can judge Ksenia Sobchak only from outside – from the perspective of a man who never in his life had not talked to her in person. But here’s what conclusions I have long come against her. Ksenia Sobchak has plenty of qualities that in my eyes are not attractive.

For example, I was always struck by her strange willingness to get into someone else’s personal life and razbrasivayutsya positiveness and even offensive opinions. But Ksenia Sobchak, a brilliant polemicist, a person who real knows a lot about politics and history, a man who is not afraid to touch on topics that others wouldn’t fit on the cannon. Ksenia Sobchak – who is anything but a dummy.

This combination of negative and positive qualities – the “bouquet” of undoubted talents and “toxicity” in the eyes of much of society – and Sobchak makes a very handy sparring partner for Putin. What are the benefits of this role can extract itself Ksenia? The answer lies on the surface. Participation in the presidential elections will further increase “capitalisation” Ksenia Sobchak as a significant public figure and activist of show business.

Of course, in the eyes of Navalny and his supporters, it will become ( or has become ) a traitor – watch the emotional performance of the London exile Yevgeny Chichvarkin with the pulsing Xenia’s Antolini where ordinary people are not polite send. But I suspect that it is not prone to reflection Ksenia Sobchak is somehow survive. Political show business demands sacrifice.

How about this? Has a right to exist?

Or “presidential ambitions” Madam Sobchak, is her personal initiative in the difficult task called “glory at any price?”


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