An employee of the American police accidentally killed a man


Сотрудница американской полиции случайно убила мужчину The police had the wrong apartment, taking someone else’s for his.

One of the officers of Dallas, coming home, messed up the apartment and living in it a man who was mistaken for a burglar. The girl was absolutely certain that he came to himself and took the man for a robber.

The incident occurred on the evening of 6 September. Police were returning home after your shift. Immediately after the incident, she called an ambulance and his colleagues.

To save 26-year-old man and failed. From the received wounds he died in hospital.

The police have not yet disclose the name of the employee. The murdered man’s name was Shem Batam gene. He worked as an accountant and sang in the Church choir.

Сотрудница американской полиции случайно убила мужчину


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