An archaeologist has uncovered the real age of Kiev


Археолог раскрыл настоящий возраст Киева The scientist spoke about the history of the appearance of the capital of Ukraine.

Kiev history begins with Kievan Rus. So he’s not really fifteen hundred years.

This broadcast “Espresso” said the Director of the Centre of archaeology Kyiv Institute of archaeology NAS of Ukraine Mykhailo sahaidak.

The expert noted that the first settlements on the territory of Kiev appear in the second half of the I Millennium BC that was typical of the European era of the Great migration, however, this city is only at the beginning of the II Millennium. Sahaidak says that by the time the first population of Kiev hills had several settlements, which had not formed a single city. “All buildings and settlements are scattered, are not of stationary nature. They die very quickly.

That is, the duration of the first Slavic functioning of cells, if you put them on today’s map, within a few decades,” explained the historian. By the way, the famous Ukrainian historian Yaroslav Hrytsak said, if our country will choose the model of the nation with the nucleus of the Dnieper and Kiev, Ukraine is born a third, which will be bilingual and Pro-European “it is considered that there are two models of the nation: French – German political and ethnic. In fact, no country in the they are not represented in its pure form, all these models coexist.

The main thing that unites them. Of course, neither Donbass nor Galicia can not become the core of this symbiosis. Although Lviv is also very different. No wonder the “Freedom” lost in the city’s parliamentary and presidential elections – it’s worth it”, – he said.


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