An American drone strike killed the Deputy leader of the “Taliban»


Американский беспилотник уничтожил заместителя лидера «Талибана»His death will significantly weaken the Taliban.

The us military is using a drone eliminated in Pakistan, the Deputy leader of the terrorist organization the Taliban Khalid Mehsud.

A spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban said Mehsud, also known as Sacn, killed on February 8 in the region of North Waziristan near the border with Afghanistan. To eliminate the U.S. military has used drones.

Mehsud is the most important of liquidated in the last year and a half of terrorists. It is expected that his death will significantly weaken the Taliban.

The head of the Pakistani Taliban Mullah Fazlullah has appointed another commander mufti Noor Wali as the new Deputy leader of the group.

It is believed that Sajn participated in the attack on the Pakistani naval base in Karachi in 2011, and he attributed the attack on a prison in the northwestern city of Bannu in 2012.


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