Americans plan to teach weapons to recognize faces


Американцы планируют научить оружие распознавать лица

American armed forces are once again trying to replace existing models of small arms for more advanced, with all the modern technologies. And it will not be another upgrade and kit “black rifles” M4A1, and something completely new. Writes about this site

Американцы планируют научить оружие распознавать лица

This time the Pentagon announced a competition called NGSW-FC (Next Generation Squad Weapon Fire Control — “the System of fire control detachment of the new generation”). New weapons according to the stated requirements, should enhance the ability of the soldier to rapidly hit a target the size of a man at a distance of 600 meters or more. It is necessary to maintain the ability to conduct close combat.

In the course of the contest must be created two samples, which will replace the M4A1 carbine and M249 machine gun. I wonder what weapons are going to develop are not under widespread cartridge 5,56×45 mm NATO, and under promising caliber cartridge 6.8 mm.

Created in the course of the project, the samples must automatically calculate the correction when shooting, the distance to the target, weather conditions. It is even possible to equip the rifle and advanced software that allows you to recognize faces. In the future, this could greatly reduce losses from “friendly fire” (in English “friendly fire”).

The army expects to start to get 115 weapons NGSW-FC and spare parts to them.



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