American star lit the main Christmas tree in Paris


The opening was attended by American actress Jessica Chastain.

Gala evening in Paris lit the main Christmas tree, took place on Wednesday, November 7. Season shopping Christmas gifts officially open.

41-year-old actress lit main tree of the city in the centre of Paris. The opening took place in the French store Galeries Lafayette. Happy and smiling Jessica gladly smiled for the camera once again showed the public that she is in great shape.

For social events, the actress chose a black velvet dress from Russian designer Ulyana Sergeenko. MIDI length dress with bare shoulders and open-toe sandals in the same tone high heel shoes perfectly highlighted the figure of Jessica. Her lips were dark lipstick, and her eyes were summed up black eyeliner. Complements the image of the elegant diamond necklace, which glittered on the breast of Jessica’s worse than the Paris Christmas tree.

A huge Christmas tree shone with bright colors, and the characters in funny costumes hurried to the public to congratulate all a merry Christmas and happy New year.


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