American scientists have identified the best diet that helps to lose weight


Американские ученые определили лучший режим питания, помогающий худеть There are only need 8 hours a day and the rest of the time – drink beverages.

Another study of the popular U.S. diet “16:8”, known as the system of interval fasting, showed some interesting results.

It turned out that over 12 weeks, during which subjects received food for eight hours, after which 16 hours were only drinking water, the volunteers managed to reduce the systolic blood pressure and body mass, on average, two and a half percent.

In a study published in Nutrition and Health Aging, scientists from the University of Illinois in Chicago have tried to evaluate the effectiveness of the popular food plan “16:8” the principle which is very simple: 16 hours a day a person needs to drink only water or drinks with almost zero calorie, such as water with lemon or green tea, in the other eight hours, he can eat anything and everything, and in unlimited quantities.

This method seems very attractive, because it limits the intake of food is only temporary. You do not need to monitor the quality, quantity of food and calorie of food.

In total, the study involved 46 people with a body mass index of 34 kg/m2. Scientists have divided them into two groups with similar average indicators of height, weight, BMI, and gender, age and race. The first group for 12 weeks were fed on a plan “16:8” (approximately 10:00 to 18:00), the second group served as controls.

Over 12 weeks, participants from the active experimental group, unlike the control, have lost about 2.5 percent of its weight, which is approximately three kilograms. However, their systolic pressure dropped by about seven millimetres of mercury.

We also found out that in this model, power the participants daily consumed about 350 calories less than usual. Other parameters (cholesterol, glucose, diastolic blood pressure, fat mass) did not differ much.

Thus, scientists decided to prove that time frames can be an effective way to reduce body weight even without counting calories. In addition, the results of the study also have important clinical significance, namely, the reduced top figure of arterial blood pressure in people with obesity.


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