American retired nearly lost his brain due to drinking contaminated water


Американская пенсионерка едва не лишилась мозга из-за питья загрязненной воды In tap water contained harmful microorganisms.

69-year-old resident of Seattle (USA) died after a year was sick from penetrating her mind with tap water is extremely dangerous microorganism.

First on the nose women poured a strange rash, but the doctors could not understand its cause, although the woman repeatedly tested.

When only a year later, doctors diagnosed her with complete destruction of the brain caused by a rare flesh-eating amoeba Balamuthia species mandrillari, it was too late (

An unnamed elderly woman from Seattle got sick with sinusitis and the doctor recommended her to wash the nose with saline solution of sterilized water. However, the woman decided that washing enough normal water from the tap, passed through a simple filter from the supermarket.

A month later, women poured into the nose rash that stumped the dermatologists. A year later the woman started having problems with brain activity and she couldn’t control the left hand.

When she was taken to the hospital, she did a CT scan and her brain found a small anomaly like a tumor, with a diameter of only half an inch. In the photo below anomaly is a bright spot on the images A and B.

Американская пенсионерка едва не лишилась мозга из-за питья загрязненной воды

The doctors decided that I was dealing with cancer and sent the patient to take a biopsy. But a week later, the woman again went to the hospital and this time she in addition to problems with my arm started to have problems with his leg.

When she again had a scan, doctors are scared, realizing that the light phase “tumor” in her brain became even more. It was the first time the assumption has been made penetrated to the brain of the carnivorous amoeba.

The medical team urgently contacted the Center for control and prevention of diseases and required a new drug for the treatment of amoebic infection in the hospital. However, it was too late.

Despite the use of drugs and surgery, the woman was getting worse every day. A week later she went into a coma and died.

During the operation, the surgeons were shocked by what they saw.

“Part of her brain was literally consumed by this amoeba and turned into a mess, like a bloody “mess”. The amoeba destroyed the nerve cells,” says Dr. Charles Cobbs.

Американская пенсионерка едва не лишилась мозга из-за питья загрязненной воды

The amoeba Balamuthia mandrillari often found in water and earth, but the cases it person are extremely rare. However, the worst thing is that almost all of them ended with the death of patients. The amoeba Balamuthia mandrillari does not give people any chance of survival.

Moreover, this amoeba discovered only in 1986 and is brand new and yet poorly understood threat to humanity. All over the world since then, it has infected about 200 people, including 70 in the United States.

A water filter can protect the water from harmful impurities and other major diseases, but it does not protect against the amoeba.


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