American killed his brother, mistaking him for a huge lizard


Американец убил брата, приняв его за огромную ящерицу The murder weapon was the sword.

Recently the Seattle police (WA) received a phone call. It turned out that 26-the summer citizen Tanks Woolf pierced the head of his brother with the sword, as close to the man as though he was a lizard. It is noteworthy that the self-murderer called 911.

First, the man has set bail at a million dollars, but the Deputy Prosecutor Scott O’toole made that the killer left in isolation. According to Scott, the man is mentally ill, it should be kept away from people.

The killer said that he had a vision in which God revealed the terrible truth at the expense of the brother, saying that a relative was a lizard.

The incident happened on January 6, James Wolfe died on the spot. Police viewed a surveillance camera at home. They are brothers calmly we walk around the garden and then come into the room. Witnesses to the incident no.

During the interrogation, the killer also said that he suffers from schizophrenia. Bucky allegedly often observes how they change the eyes and mouths.


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