American intelligence agencies suddenly closed one of the observatories


Американские спецслужбы неожиданно закрыли одну из обсерваторий The FBI shut down the Observatory in new Mexico.

Recently suspended operation of the solar Observatory in the village Sanspot (nm). Measure closure was undertaken supposedly for reasons of security. Conspiracy theorists began to build various assumptions into the account closure, because no one has explained the exact reason for this decision.

As found by the local media, during the closing of the Observatory was attended by the FBI. Unfortunately, the Bureau did not give any comments to journalists. The Observatory Apache point, located a mile from Sunsport, works in a regular mode.

Sheri Lifson that manages the Observatory, said about the evacuation officials know. The resumption of work will take place immediately after the decision of the arisen questions. Again, the management also has not mentioned what happened.

According to the version of the conspiracy, employees of the Observatory found on the Sun the flare. This theory is controversial, since the activity on the sun would see the rest of the Observatory, though both ground and space.


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