American hung wife, trying three times to kill her


Американец повесил жену, пытаясь трижды ее убить Egregious case.

The Supreme court of SONOMA (CA) recognized the 64-year-old David O Connor Clement guilty of manslaughter of his wife, 52-year-old Debra Bales, as well as facilitating suicide.

According to the investigation, the couple stayed in a hotel in Bodega Bay. For three days, which the couple spent in the hotel room, David tried three times to strangle Debra a pillow. When this had not happened, the couple bought the rope.

Soon Debra Bales was found hanged in the Parking lot. It is established that the husband helped her to realize our plans: tied a rope to a tree and made a loop.

Debra Bales was not sick, but some time ago she stopped taking opioid drugs and suffering from withdrawal syndrome.


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