American fortune cookies became as popular as Apple pie


Американское печенье с предсказаниями стало таким же популярным, как яблочный пирог

Apple pie is actually the national dish of the Americans. But equally popular was and fortune cookies.

So, only one factory in new York produces daily several million pieces of sweets for the past forty years. In addition, in the United States baking those biscuits are another two large-scale production, as well as many smaller companies. The main customers of this product are located in the US Chinese restaurants. Many clients of these institutions has long been considered a tradition to finish dinner in this dessert.

The cookies are made the traditional way from ordinary ingredients: flour, butter, sugar, and vanilla. But inside it is a small message written on a piece of paper. All of these predictions comes up with a special employee, who takes ideas from everyday life. The main purpose of these messages is not a prediction of any event, and just a good mood from the customers. After all, the kind words can often radically affect the person or at least make the day a little more beautiful.

Fortune cookies has now become an indispensable part of the meal, when everyone open their letters and have fun together.


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