American fisherman was stunned by the strange opening


Американский рыбак был ошеломлен странным открытиемFisherman spotted the mole in the mouth of a caught perch

Monroe, MAKINI from Missouri caught a perch in the pond of his parents and found in the mouth of a perch of a dead mole.

“How often have you seen a mole in the mouth of a bass????? Crazy!”, he wrote on Instagram about the strange catch. After a few photos, MAKINI released perch, which “floated just fine,” — said the fisherman in your Instagram.

The picture quickly spread on social media. Like an animal caught in the jaws of a fish will remain a mystery, though the fisherman thinks that maybe the mole got out from under the ground due to rain and accidentally fell into the pond.

“Or big bird, for example, hawk, great blue Heron or an eagle got him, but was thrown into the water,” he wrote on Instagram.


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