American experts have called the car with the best interior


Американские эксперты назвали автомобили с наилучшим интерьером First place went to car cost from 276 thousand dollars.

The American edition Ward’s Auto has made an annual rating of best car showrooms among, which turned out to be sverhsrochnoy Bentley Continental GT coupe and the budget crossover Nissan Kicks.

According to 8 editors of Ward’s Auto, which during February and March tested the 32 new items, assessing their salons on a variety of criteria, including design, ergonomics, quality of materials, usability and user interface, multimedia, the winner was a Bentley Continental GT coupe. Recall that the interior of each car is assembled by hand and the leather trim takes an average of 10 skins of young calves. Hence the high price that the American dealers of the brand starts with a mark of 276 730 dollars.

Experts also noted the interior of the new budget crossover Nissan Kicks worth 23 330 dollars, which is more than 10 times less than that of the gold-medal contest. In addition, the car entered the category of one of the cheapest in the USA, since the average cost of a new car there is 36 thousand dollars. Experts are particularly impressed with the successful combination of colors and materials, the ergonomics of the cabin, as well as system of the circular review of the car.

“We are very pleased that this year the list were available as a compact SUV, also sverhsrochnoy coupe, worth ten times more expensive. Both of these car made a great contribution to the development of the interiors in the segment,” reports Ward’s Auto.

The winners of the prestigious award also included: Bentley Continental GT, BMW M850i, G70 Genesis, Hyundai Santa Fe, Jeep Gladiator, Lincoln Nautilus, Mercedes-Benz A220, Nissan Kicks, a Toyota RAV4 and Volvo V60.


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