American avenged blackmailer, secretly filmed her in the shower


Американка отомстила шантажисту, тайно снимавшему ее в душеThe woman was the victim of one of the hotels in the Hilton Worldwide network.

A resident of Chicago was the victim of a pervert and blackmailer, who secretly filmed her in one of the hotels by Hilton Worldwide. The man promised to distribute the footage of her all over the Internet, if not get a “private show”. This writes the Hindustan times.

The incident occurred at the Hampton Inn in new York in 2015. To blackmail the woman the attacker was in September 2018.

“I’m a pervert. I wouldn’t hurt anyone. I just like to watch. Promise me a private show, otherwise I’ll spread these pictures all over the Internet”, – he said to the woman.

In the end, after some time, colleagues of the victim began to get fragments of entries. The man promised to stop sending if you get a thousand dollars. American appealed to the court, demanding 100 million dollars away.

The police who investigated the case, is convinced that the blackmailer is one of the hotel employees.

Hampton Inn commented on the incident, noting that he had checked the hotel and found no recording devices. However, also promised to continue the search for the culprit.


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