American a month lived in the same house with a corpse, disguising it with candles


Американец месяц жил в одном доме с трупом, маскируя это аромасвечамиA friend died a natural death.

In the us state of Michigan have arrested a local resident David Hall. The man was charged with concealment of a death, reports Fox News. He spent a month in the same house with the corpse of his friend, Kendis Simmons, and the odor was trying to mask with scented candles.

Wrong suspect neighbors, when I noticed that all the Windows in the house open from the beginning of December. They called the police. When the police entered the house, in one of the rooms they found the body of Simmons. According to preliminary reports, her death was due to natural causes, the final version will announce after the examination.

In early January 2018, a similar incident occurred in Yakutia. A local retiree killed a man who was hired to help with the housework. After the murder, he did not go to the police, and left a body in his house. Four days later the accused called the service delivery of water and asked her staff to report the incident to the police.


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