Amazon taught artificial intelligence to determine fear


Fear became the eighth emotion that can recognize Amazon Rekognition.

Amazon has taught its system of recognition of personality Rekognition to define the fear on the face of people.

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In addition to fear, the artificial intelligence can recognize happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, disgust, tranquility and confusion.

Amazon has added to Rekognition an age filter, so now users can work with narrow bands over the years, for example, to recognize fear on the faces of people age 14 to 18 years.

Many experts have criticized the technology Rekognition and Amazon for the fact that it is working with law enforcement and intelligence agencies and reports to the authorities all information requested.

Despite this, to date, the technology of face recognition is still not working effectively. August 14, U.S. researchers conducted an experiment, having banished images of the American officials through a database of individuals with criminals. In the end, the artificial intelligence called the 26 officials criminals, though they were not in these databases.


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