Amazon makes 3D scans of bodies in exchange for a gift card


The American retail giant Amazon makes 3D scans of customers in New York in exchange for a gift card of 25 dollars (about 22.45 euros). The company makes scans of people in everyday clothes and in swimwear, Mashable discovered.

For the scans, Amazon uses the technology of Body Labs, a company that was acquired by Amazon in 2017.

According to Mashable, the sessions last thirty minutes, in which Amazon also records the height and weight of the volunteer. The collected data is only used for internal research and not for marketing, says Amazon.

It is unclear what exactly Amazon will do with the participants’ 3D scans. Body Labs has previously indicated that scans could be used to allow customers to virtually try an exact fitting item of clothing.

A spokesperson for the retail giant informed Mashable that the company did not make any announcements about Body Labs, but that it would like the technology to be further developed.


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