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Удивительные факты об Исландии. ФотоThis country deserves attention.

It turns out that there is a country way of life, reminding us Utopia. There is free medical care, education, no army, and lock the doors with the key is generally considered offensive. The people there often live to 100 years. We are talking about Iceland. Yes, the people of this small country consider themselves very happy.

1. Doors in houses are not locked to the locks

Удивительные факты об Исландии. Фото

The population of Iceland is only 325000 people living on the territory of 103000 square kilometers. Residents of small towns know each other and are much more involved in the Affairs of the country than the inhabitants of large cities in other countries. Perhaps it is for this reason that the social model of Iceland so interesting. The population of the towns is set up very peacefully and friendly, house and car no one locks, and the use of keys is generally considered offensive.

2. State without an army

Удивительные факты об Исландии. Фото

It’s hard to believe, but Iceland has no army at all, only guards. If any of the inhabitants of the countries wants to tie their future with the armed forces, you can easily join the ranks of the Norwegian army, with which Iceland has concluded a contract.

3. Tourism

Удивительные факты об Исландии. Фото

It is noteworthy that Iceland is visited every year huge number of tourists. For example, in 2017 the tourist flow is 6 times higher than the population of the country. Come to Iceland in the first place, because of the stunning original nature, geothermal springs and sports tourism. As for entertainment, it is not too developed in this country. The local population mostly adheres to conservative views, enjoy the tranquility and lead a quiet, regular life. With regards to visitors, that it’s amazing. The descendants of the Vikings are always friendly, polite and not averse to chat.

4. The country without a McDonald’s

Удивительные факты об Исландии. Фото

In Iceland there is no McDonalds. The latter was closed during the crisis in 2009. However, Icelanders are not averse to eat well. Almost every family has a grill, and the youth is just crazy about pizza.

5. Superstition

Удивительные факты об Исландии. Фото

Hard to believe, but the descendants of the glorious Vikings are very superstitious and still sincerely believe in the existence of elves and trolls. Paving a new freeway, designers always consult with experts in folklore, so do not accidentally destroy the habitat of fantasy creatures. If the path of the proposed motorway is the boulder under which can live elves, most likely the route the roads will be changed.

6. Centenarians

Удивительные факты об Исландии. Фото

The majority of Icelanders live a long life. The average duration for men is 76 years and for women 81. The age of many of the elderly in this country more than a hundred years, and this is no surprise.

7. The water in Iceland

Удивительные факты об Исландии. Фото

Water flows into the homes of Icelanders directly from the geysers. And if in Europe made it is heated, then the necessary efforts to cool the water. It is noteworthy that in Iceland, does not use water treatment filters. The only negative – a smell of hydrogen sulfide.

8. The most popular profession

Удивительные факты об Исландии. Фото

The most popular professions in Iceland today is an artist, designer and musician. Every bartender, waiter and a worker wants to obtain higher education in one of the above professions. Fun fact, despite the hype around the creative professions to work as a designer in Iceland not too profitable. The fact that many Icelanders consider themselves to be artists and able to furnish his apartment or to design wedding dresses.

9. Icelandic language

Удивительные факты об Исландии. Фото

For the last 1000 years, the Icelandic language is almost unchanged. It contains letters that have long since disappeared from English and other languages. For this reason, the Vikings ‘ language so difficult to learn. However, don’t worry too much about this, because most people speak quite good English.

10. Technical progress

Удивительные факты об Исландии. Фото

The inhabitants of Iceland almost never use cash. Even mere trifles they pay by credit card. Also due to the small population of the country is practically devoid of bureaucracy. To receive or send the necessary certificate/document by e-mail or via the Internet.

11. Medicine

Удивительные факты об Исландии. Фото

It is noteworthy that in Iceland there are almost no private hospitals. The healthcare system in the country works so well that private clinics there is simply no need. The quality of medicine, Iceland occupies the 15th place in the world ranking.


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